NewsR. Kelly: First man accuses singers of abuse

R. Kelly: First man accuses singers of abuse

In the abuse trial against R. Kelly, a man testified for the first time.

New York – For the first time, a man testified in the abuse process surrounding the former pop superstar R. Kelly. The man known in the process under the pseudonym “Louis” testified on Monday (08/30/2021) that he first met Kelly in 2006 during his night shift in a Chicago McDonald’s. Kelly gave him his phone number there.

When the just 17-year-old “Louis” attended one of Kelly’s parties in his house with his parents, R. Kelly is said to have addressed him: “Maybe it would be best if I came to celebrate alone.” Finally said R. Kelly, “Louis” could come by, perform in his studio and pick up a few tips from the industry.

When he later met Kelly in his house, the singer took him to his garage and sexually abused him there. “He asked me what I was willing to do for the music,” said the witness. He then asked Louis to keep what had happened to himself. “We’re a family now, brothers,” Kelly said. Kelly recorded later sexual acts on video.

R. Kelly is accused of abuse – witness testifies

“Louis” gladly accepted the invitation to support R. Kelly with his music. When he was alone with R. Kelly in his house, the singer asked him what he was ready to do for the music. “Louis” replied, “I’ll carry your bags – anything you need, I’m willing to do it.”

R. Kelly


A court drawing shows the defendant R. Kelly.

“That’s not it. It’s not that, ”Kelly replied before asking if he’d ever fantasized about sex with men. “Louis” also said that Kelly then knelt down and had oral sex on him, even though “he did not like it”. He asked Kelly to stop – but to no avail.

R. Kelly threatens victims: “We are family now, brothers”

According to the testimony of the witness, R. Kelly instructed him not to reveal anything after the abuse: “He told me that it (what happened) should remain between him and me.” And further: “We are family now, brothers.” R. Kelly recorded later incidents on video.

Furthermore, “Louis” testified that the R’n’B superstar asked to be called “Daddy”. This statement is consistent with many statements made by women accusing R. Kelly of sexual offenses. In the indictment, however, “Louis” does not appear as an alleged victim, but is merely one of the prosecution’s witnesses.

“Louis” himself has worked out a deal with the prosecutor. He was convicted of bribery in February 2021. He had offered money to a possible witness against R. Kelly in the hope that she would not cooperate with the federal prosecutor, “Louis” said. According to his own statements, “Louis” was concerned that the woman could be in possession of abuse recordings of him and Kelly, which could come out in public.

Ex pop star R.Kelly (54) continues to deny all allegations

The trial against the musician began in the USA in mid-August. Lawsuits pending against R. Kelly for sexual abuse of minors, kidnapping and bribery, among other things, from 1994 to 2018.

The 54-year-old rejects all allegations and has pleaded not guilty. A jury of twelve jurors, seven men and five women, will decide R. Kelly’s fate. If he is found guilty on all counts, the singer faces a prison sentence of ten years to life. R. Kelly still accuses his critics of only leading a character assassination campaign against him. (Lukas Zigo)

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