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Rapper arrest warrant performs in Mannheim – the concert has to be cancelled

Created: 08/09/2022 04:51 am

Haftbefehl sollte eigentlich ein Konzert in Mannheim nachholen
Arrest warrant was supposed to make up for a concert in Mannheim. (Archive photo) © Ondro/dpa/picture alliance

Many fans had already looked forward to the rapper’s arrest warrant. But the concert also fell through on the second attempt, as the operator confirms.

Mannheim – Arrest warrant was actually supposed to appear at Mannheim Hafen 49 in July. At that time his performance was cancelled. But the catch-up concert, which was supposed to take place on Sunday (August 7th), also had to be canceled at short notice. The reason: The rapper was apparently unable to perform.

Videos circulating on Twitter show the rapper barely standing on his feet. The fans were stalled for an hour, according to comments. Capo, arrest warrant’s brother, also appeared two hours late at the concert. The performance was finally canceled in the middle of the first song.

Arrest warrant concert in Mannheim canceled – fans are disappointed

On Twitter, the rapper’s fans were disappointed. “Differently crappy, people pay money and Hafti can’t even appear halfway sober. Would have wanted money back and compensation,” wrote one user. “Stuttgart on Saturday went a little better, waited 3.5 hours for him to come close to the stage and rapped for 20 minutes hahaha,” commented another user.

Cosmopop, the operator of the Hafen49 event location, told our editorial team: “Unfortunately, yesterday’s show had to be canceled with an arrest warrant. He left the stage after only a very short performance, his management will comment on the exact reasons in a timely manner”. Many guests had been waiting for his performance, it was said.

The organizer wanted to bring the show “over the stage” with an arrest warrant

“As organizers, we did everything in our power to get the show off the stage smoothly. Unfortunately, despite all attempts, it was not possible to continue the event,” emphasized the operator when asked. Ultimately, the incidents on July 20 and August 7 could not be influenced.

“Anyone who attended the show will receive an automatic, immediate and full refund of 100% of their ticket money.
There will be no catch-up date for the concert,” announced the operator. The management of Haftbefehl has so far left a request from our editorial staff unanswered. (mse)

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