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Rare couple video: Completely annoyed Sarah Connor breaks off the challenge with her husband

Created: 10/24/2022, 8:05 p.m

Sarah Connor wants to know: Together with her husband Florian Fischer, the pop singer faced a viral Internet challenge. But the rare couple video shows that it has a lot to offer.

Berlin – Sarah Connor (42) usually keeps her private life under wraps, but for a viral TikTok challenge, the pop singer now brought her husband Florian Fischer (48) in front of the smartphone camera as an exception. The couple, who have been married since 2017, took on the currently popular Towel Challenge in their bedroom at home – and failed without a trace.

Sarah Connor posts a rare video with husband Florian Fischer – the couple wants to master the TikTok challenge

After Sarah Connor recently shared a private moment with her husband on Instagram, the couple could now also be admired in moving images on TikTok: There the pop singer and her lover tried the Towel Challenge. In this, two partners each hold a towel at both ends in such a way that they get tangled with each other. Then you have to use some skill and logic to get out of the tangle.

Popstar Sarah Connor versucht sich mit ihrem Partner Florian Fischer an der Towel Challenge bei TikTok (Fotomontage)
Sarah Connor throws in the towel – literally: with her husband Florian Fischer, the pop singer tried the Towel Challenge on TikTok and finally broke it off after she couldn’t solve the puzzle (photomontage) © Screenshot/TikTok/Sarah Connor

Under the guidance of one of their daughters, who comments on what is happening from the off with a laugh, Sarah Connor and Florian Fischer do their utmost to solve the difficult challenge. A number of Internet users before them have already failed at this. “Has anyone done that before?” the 42-year-old asks while she and her husband wrestle with the towel knot for a minute and a half – but in vain!

Ice Bucket Challenge, Bird Box Challenge and Co. – the hype surrounding online challenges:

Ever since short videos in particular have become increasingly popular thanks to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Co., there have also been regular new Internet challenges; i.e. tasks that you can do yourself at home. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge caused a lot of excitement in the summer of 2014: This was intended to draw attention to the nervous disease ALS by having challenge participants pour a bucket filled with ice water over their heads and then nominating other people to do the same. However, experts warn again and again about certain challenges. For example, the Bird Box Challenge, which was based on the Netflix film of the same name, posed a significant risk of accidents because you had to walk through your surroundings blindfolded.

Sarah Connor fails a tricky internet challenge – “It can’t be!”

“I have an idea!” Sarah Connor suddenly comes and her attempt actually looks promising at first. But when this approach doesn’t work either, the ex of the jungle king Marc Terenzi (44) is enough: “It doesn’t work! How should it work? It’s like two rings that are in each other, “the 42-year-old scolds annoyed – and then throws in the towel in the truest sense of the word: “That can’t be!”

“Perfect, you’ve got it,” Florian Fischer calls after her jokingly, but the challenge has failed. However, the pop singer would like to know from her fans whether any of them have already solved the mystery. Lo and behold: “We had it within two minutes,” reveals a TikTok user in the comments. Will the “Vincent” interpreter soon try again? The 42-year-old is even supposed to appear in a show that is ideally suited for this: because she moved her album release forward, Sarah Connor is considered a hot candidate for the upcoming “Wetten, dass..?” show. Sources used:

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