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Raser drives over red at 200 km / h – child (6) sits on the back seat

Reckless driving style in a tuned Golf: The police in Wächtersbach near Hanau are chasing themselves with a speeder.

Wächtersbach – The driver of a Golf V GTI was particularly inconsiderate on Wednesday (December 29, 2021). Despite heavy rain, the young man raced through Wächtersbach near Hanau and over the A66, ignoring road markings and a traffic light, as the police reported on Thursday (December 30, 2021).

The Golf was noticed by a civilian patrol of the Tuner, Raser and Poser working group on Wednesday evening, initially in Wächtersbach. The exhaust noise was noticeably loud, so the patrol followed the vehicle in the direction of the autobahn. At first he drove a red traffic light.

Wächtersbach: Golfers race at over 200 km / h on the A66 in the direction of Hanau

As soon as the Golf reached the autobahn, the driver hit the gas and raced at over 200 km / h in the direction of Hanau, the police reported. He also crossed lane boundaries. During the wild ride it was raining heavily and visibility was accordingly poor. Apparently the driver didn’t care.

The Golf then left the A66 at the Gründau-Rothenbergen exit near Hanau, where the patrol stopped it. At the wheel they found the 23-year-old owner of the VW Golf GTI – and a six-year-old child in the back seat. What followed was a “very haunting conversation,” as the police wrote in a statement.

Inspection at Hanau: Defects in Golf found during inspection

But the check was not over yet. The patrol was still examining the exhaust system that had drawn the officers’ attention to the Golf in the first place. Here, too, they noticed an administrative offense: A sound level measurement showed a value of 101.9 decibels – but only 90 are allowed. In addition, almost the entire intake tract was removed from the engine compartment.

The police seized the Golf because of the obvious defects. The child has been picked up by friends in the meantime.

Another speeder achieved 250 kilometers per hour * on the A66 near Hanau. The police suspect an illegal car race. (spr) * op-online is part of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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