News"Really shabby": Insider explains Oliver Pocher's embarrassing Ballermann appearance

"Really shabby": Insider explains Oliver Pocher's embarrassing Ballermann appearance

Created: 08/27/2022, 6:40 p.m

Oliver Pocher sang his latest hits at Ballermann in Mallorca. The appearance in the “Megapark” was a disaster, he was mercilessly booed. Also because he was wearing a Germany jersey?

Mallorca – Oliver Pocher (44) recently traveled to Ballermann in Mallorca to perform his latest song “Hooray, hooray … we Qatar”. Then he presented musical influencer criticism on the stage of the “Megapark” – but the comedian was mercilessly booed by the audience. An observer on site now explained how this could have happened.

Oliver Pocher is booed in the Megapark on Mallorca

The performance of the 44-year-old with the new World Cup anthem “Hooray, Hooray … we Qatar” was initiated by his manager after the performance by Cindy from Marzahn was cancelled. Both have the same management. “I couldn’t believe what I saw there,” says reporter Ingo Wohlfeil in the Spotify podcast “Das 17. Bundesland – Der Mallorca Podcast”.

Oliver Pocher singt im Fußball-Outfit von Deutschland auf dem Ballermann.
Oliver Pocher bawls his songs on the Ballermann. The audience wasn’t thrilled. © Screenshots YouTube/Image/Oliver Pocher is booed in the Megapark

The mood seemed anything but good, it was said: the audience found Pocher’s first song “really crazy” and “booed him completely.” “I would say half of the audience booed and a tenth yelled and ‘son of a bitch’ at that,” says Wohlfeil. Even beer mugs are said to have flown onto the stage.

The “Megapark” on Mallorca – A cult location

The “Megapark” is one of the best-known clubs on the Ballermann, where hits are played all the time. The location was opened in May 2000 – according to its own information, since then there has been a throughput of 5,000 to 8,000 people per day on the approximately 8,000 m2.

Beer mugs flew, the audience booed him: Oliver Pocher’s performance at Ballermann

In the podcast, Ingo Wohlfeil also expresses an inkling that not only the content or the order of the songs had caused displeasure in the audience, but also Pocher’s appearance. As an outfit, he chose a football jersey with matching trousers from the German national team. “We have so many Dutch people here. They thought Oliver was shit per se because he wore this jersey,” it says – Wohlfeil estimates the share at 30-40 percent of the audience.

“Ballermann and Oliver Pocher. It really doesn’t go together,” Wohlfeil is sure and gives a tip: “He didn’t do it well strategically, he should have played his hit ‘Schwarz und Weiß’ from 2006 right at the beginning, by 10 to 20 percent pulling the audience over to his side.” It happened as it had to, and even the last rescue attempt with a backing track of “Layla” backfired: “That was really shabby. But the super-drunk ones went along with it,” says Wohlfeil .

After all, Oliver Pocher reacted confidently, even if he stopped the performance prematurely. On Instagram he said: “Of course there is one or the other who boos sometimes. Happened. You have to go through that.” Sources used:; YouTube; Spotify Podcast/The 17th Federal State – The Mallorca Podcast;

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