FunRed spots on eggs: what does it mean? They...

Red spots on eggs: what does it mean? They are dangerous?

Eggs are, for those who follow an omnivorous diet, a very present ingredient in Spanish cuisine . As always, the best option is to choose eggs that are from hens raised in the ground (cage-free) or even better, from free-range hens but sometimes when opening an egg, even bought directly from a farm, we can find a stain similar to a point of blood that makes us doubt. Can you eat eggs with red spots?

Red spots on eggs: what does it mean? They are dangerous?

You may have ever come across the fact that you have opened an egg to cook it and that a small spot appears stuck to the yolk. A red dot that can also be mixed with the white and that can make us think that perhaps the egg is in bad condition.

How an egg is formed

What is it about? Can I cook the egg? To understand what is the red dot that you can find in the eggs, it is useful to know its structure.

Inside the egg we find the yolk , which is surrounded by the yolk membrane (a kind of film) and which is connected to the shell membrane (the testácea) by the chalazas, two small filaments that hold the yolk in the center. from the egg. The rest is made up of the albumin that nourishes the chick (when there is any!) During the development period.

What is the red dot

If the egg has a red dot, you should know that it is simply a small blood stain. In fact, during the formation of the ovum it can happen that some blood vessels break, just as it happens in humans.

It is eatable?

Yes, you do not have to worry: this small blood stain that you find inside the egg does not affect its quality or its edibility . These are completely harmless broken blood vessels and have nothing to do with the fertilization of the ovum that is usually attributed to it, so you can beat the egg without problem although it will be good to remove the stain with the help of a fork or the tip of a knife and make the egg without further ado.

Luckily, although we have all encountered this type of egg spots on occasion, they are not common at all. In fact, it is estimated that only between 1% and 3% of the eggs sold have this small spot.

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