NewsRemains of the high-rise ruin in Florida blown up

Remains of the high-rise ruin in Florida blown up

The remains of a partially collapsed residential complex in Miami with around 130 residential units have been blown up in a controlled manner. Rescuers have so far recovered 24 dead, more than 120 people are missing.

Miami – The remains of the building of the partially collapsed residential complex in Miami have been blown up in a controlled manner. The instability of the ruins was dangerous and hindered the progress of the rescue operation in the part that collapsed eleven days ago, the mayor of the Miami-Dade district, Daniella Levine Cava, had previously said.

Stability of the ruin worried experts

Residents of the Surfside neighborhood in the US state of Florida had already been asked to stay in their homes before the blast and to keep doors and windows closed to protect them from dust and small particles. The search and rescue operation in the rubble, under which people are still buried, was suspected on Saturday. It should start up again after the blast and be widened.

After the accident, the residents of the still standing part of the building were no longer allowed to go back to their apartments for security reasons – not even to take out personal items before the demolition. The demolition was finally preferred due to concerns about the stability of the ruins due to an approaching tropical storm. Extensions of the storm “Elsa” with possibly violent gusts of wind and heavy rain were expected in southern Florida from Monday evening.

24 dead, 120 missing

The residential complex with around 130 residential units collapsed on June 24 for reasons that were still unclear. Since then, detection dogs, special cameras and heavy equipment have been used to search for victims practically around the clock. 24 dead have now been recovered. More than 120 people are still missing, although it is unclear how many of them were actually in the building near the beach at the time of the accident. dpa

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