NewsRenewed CDU “destruction”: Rezo takes on Laschet and Co.

Renewed CDU “destruction”: Rezo takes on Laschet and Co.

A few weeks before the federal election, Youtuber Rezo, who has already published criticism of the CDU’s policy on several occasions, produced a new video.

Berlin – For contradicting statements on the party program of the Union parties for the federal election in 2021, incorrectly planned PR campaigns and, above all, various misconduct by CDU chancellor candidate Armin Laschet and current ministers: inside the CDU and CSU, Youtuber Rezo once again received clear criticism on his weekend Youtube channel released. It was about “politicians who have committed misconduct” and “disrespect and clear untruths towards the population”, he introduced his video, and supports later statements with numerous video clips, sources and quotations that he found in a document attached to the video are listed.

The focus of Youtuber is next to Chancellor candidate Laschet, his handling of the flood disaster in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia as well as contradicting statements on climate policy and the CDU election program in relation to planned tax cuts, as well as Union personalities such as Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner and Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU). He explains mistakes and contradictions that have raised questions in connection with their ministries in the past and criticizes their actions on many points as “incompetence”.

Youtuber Rezo’s criticism of the CDU and CSU: It’s about incompetence

At Klöckner, for example, he refers to several PR and social media goofs that, instead of having a planned positive effect, achieved exactly the opposite: A video with Nestlé Germany boss Marc-Aurel Boersch, in which she praises Nestlé for being the fat, Having reduced sugar and salt levels in the company’s products is just one example. In addition, Rezo criticizes Klöckner’s handling of issues relating to animal welfare in German agriculture and points out that she has critically assessed the introduction of the Nutri-Score on food for a long time and is even said to have tried to delay or completely prevent the quality seal. In the case of Andreas Scheuer, he recalls the mistakes made by the CSU Minister in his planning of the car toll and the associated waste of taxpayers’ money.

The critical Youtuber emphasizes that, in his view, it is not only about mistakes and incompetence of those involved, but also about negligent missteps or even lies. In the video with the title “Destruction Part 1: Incompetence” he differentiates between “sincere incompetence” and cases in which he accuses the politicians of having openly lied. In his view, “sincere incompetence” includes mistakes that past governments have made with regard to digitization in Germany and goals that have not been achieved in this area several times. He also briefly touches on examples of misconduct by other parties such as the Greens and the SPD in the 28-minute video, but they can hardly be compared with the missteps from the Union parties.

Youtube star Rezo: 19 million views for video criticism of the CDU / CSU

It is not the first time Rezo has made headlines with critical videos about the politics of the Union parties. For the first time, the YouTube star, who is followed by millions of people via his channels on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch, published a video entitled “Destruction of the CDU” shortly before the 2019 European elections, which has received almost 19 million views to date. At the beginning of this year, Rezo criticized the party’s corona policy. An invitation from Rezo to Laschet to take part in a chancellor duel via social networks was rejected by the CDU candidate.

Rezo’s conclusion at the end of the video resembles a call to his followers: “It’s about decisions that determine whether we will still have a meaningful livelihood in the future,” emphasizes the Youtuber in the video, which already has hundreds of thousands of views after a few hours. A second part on the critical examination of the work of politicians: he announced inside, then possibly with more examples from other parties. (Sandra Kathe)

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