NewsResearchers receive “clear signals” from Earth-like exoplanets

Researchers receive “clear signals” from Earth-like exoplanets

Researchers have received clear signals from an Earth-like exoplanet that is relatively close to our planet. They suspect that life is possible there.

New Mexico – It is a long-cherished wish of mankind: to travel to and inhabit other planets – even to make contact with possible inhabitants. Now a research team could have come a little closer to this dream. Scientists have received clear signals from an Earth-like planet (* FNP reported).

The star, named L 98-59, is orbited by three planets, which scientists found out in 2019 with the help of NASA’s “Tess” (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) space telescope. The planetary system is only 35 light years away from Earth, which is a relatively small distance. So we are practically in the immediate vicinity.

Exoplanet researcher: “Were there at the right time”

L 98-59 has fascinated science for years. Researchers see good chances of encountering life in the planetary system. Indeed, one of the three exoplanets has properties that are very similar to Earth. In contrast to the other two planets closer to the Sun, it has large amounts of water, as scientists from the southwest observatory have discovered. Up to 30 percent of its mass could consist of water. And where there is water, life is also possible.

A lot of “detective work” was necessary, explains exoplanet expert Diana Dragomir from the University of New Mexico to . “The right people were there at the right time,” she says. “We were lucky and received really clear signals”.

The discovery of the signals is a milestone for the “Tess” space telescope, explains the researcher. From now on it could happen more often that scientists discover small planets around even smaller stars. “And these planets could make life possible,” said Dragomir. * FNP is an offer from IPPEN.Media.

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