NewsResistance to the 2G rule: Sahra Wagenknecht cancels reading

Resistance to the 2G rule: Sahra Wagenknecht cancels reading

Because the 2G rule applies to guests at a literature festival, Sahra Wagenkecht cancels her participation. She wanted to present her book at the event.

Esslingen – Actually, the politician Sahra Wagenknecht should have read from her book “The Self-Righteous” on November 18 at the Esslingen literature festival LesART in the city southeast of Stuttgart. Now the left-wing politician canceled her appearance in Esslingen. The Esslinger Zeitung reported on Monday evening (November 8th, 2021).

The reason for their cancellation are the official requirements due to the corona pandemic. Wagenknecht stated that she “fully” understands that the organizer of the literature festival has to adhere to the 2G rule that applies to Baden-Württemberg, but that she wants to cancel participation under these general conditions.

Reading by Sahra Wagenknecht: Left-wing politician cancels participation in the festival due to the 2G rule

According to the Esslinger Tageszeitung, Wagenknecht was allowed to take part in the event despite their refusal to be vaccinated, since the announced 2G rule only applies to visitors to the literal festival, but not to employees and celebrities who attend the festival Attend to their profession. In your case, a negative corona test would have been sufficient for participation.

Wagenknecht had repeatedly expressed skepticism about the safety of the corona vaccines in the past few weeks. In the talk show “Anne Will” (ARD) she emphasized that she would not be vaccinated against the coronavirus because she did not trust the vaccines that have been approved so far. At the same time, she called for the decision for or against vaccination to be left to each individual, since vaccination is not an “act of solidarity with others”.

Skepticism about corona vaccination: Much criticism of Sahra Wagenknecht from the ranks of the left

There was a lot of criticism of Sahra Wagenknecht from politics and the media – also from the ranks of the left, whose parliamentary group chairman in the Bundestag Wagenknecht was from 2015 to 2019. Left party leader Susanne Hennig-Wellsow criticized, for example, that vaccination is definitely “also a responsibility for others” and said: “In this respect, it is not banal to refuse vaccination or to discourage vaccination.”

Wagenknecht is a member of the Bundestag and has “no leading or democratically legitimized role in the federal association”. In this respect it is clear that the party leaders speak for the party and the group leaders for the parliamentary group. Hennig-Wellsow added that one sentence applies to her: “I cannot and will no longer explain Sahra Wagenknecht.” (Ska / AFP)

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