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Revealing speeders from their own car: Tesla transmits video to police

After an accident in Berlin, the police found a speeder. The decisive evidence came from the car itself: a Tesla.

Berlin – In order for a Tesla * to work as it should, a lot of software has to be installed. The moving computers have all kinds of radars, sensors and, of course, cameras. All of this can make the journey a lot easier, but it can also lead to problems. Recently in Berlin, for example, the police used data from the electric car manufacturer to transfer a driver after an accident, as reported by ZDF.

The Tesla driver raced through Berlin at 160 kilometers per hour. After he hit a traffic light, he tried to hit a hit-and-run, with his car documenting everything. When the police asked Tesla for the video recordings of the accident and the driving data as part of the investigation, the company willingly released both. Andreas Winkelmann, who is responsible for the prosecution of racers in Berlin, told ZDF: “The Tesla has whistled its own driver, otherwise the investigation of the crime would not have been possible in this depth.” The driver ultimately had to pay a heavy fine and surrender his driver’s license for one year.

Video transmission after an accident in Berlin: data protectionists criticize Tesla

Data protectionists criticize Tesla for their surveillance technology, especially the so-called “guard mode”. This records people who approach the car. “It is not right if the vehicle owner has the data of passers-by,” says Michael Will, who as head of the State Office for Data Protection in Bavaria is responsible for Tesla, on ZDF. “The data does not belong to the vehicle owner and in no case do not belong to Tesla.” In the case in Berlin, too, the police had access to recordings that were recorded before the start of the journey.

Tesla itself does not see its responsibility to pay attention to data protection. At the request of the ZDF, the company writes that the vehicle owners are responsible for compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. In addition, recordings of the vehicles are not transferred to Tesla. Exceptions are safety-critical incidents or if the owners expressly give their consent. In addition, vehicle owners could object to the data transmission at any time, but then “limited functionality, serious damage or inability to function” could occur. (vbu) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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