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Review: The 2021 iMac is the best at what it promises

Apple’s M1 chip has finally made its way to the iMac and with it many improvements in terms of design, processing, and audio and video experiences.

Now, before talking about the inside of this computer, my first reaction to the announcement of this computer was to feel like I was in a candy store and to love them all, simply because of the colors they presented. But of course, the decision to buy a computer of this caliber is not based solely on colors, although we do focus on mere marketing, it can lead us to do so.

Speaking of its features, the new iMac has a 24-inch 4.5K Retina display with 11.3 million pixels, True Tone technology and 500 nits of brightness, as well as anti-reflective coating, something that is very important to me in computers of this size. where the work focuses on creative processes such as photo or video editing, and also on enjoying moments of entertainment. This in a nutshell means that there is better definition, better color contrasts and more brightness than if you compared it to the 21.5-inch iMac 2020 with 4K resolution.

The 24 inches are also a novelty, since previously there were the 21.5 and 27-inch models.

As always remember that I make these reviews comparing apples to apples -literal- and not trying to convince people who use another operating system to change platforms.

The M1 chip not only favors the performance of the computer – as we have already noticed, for example, – but it is also partly responsible for the fact that this iMac can have a much thinner design than the previous ones with only 11.5 mm, thanks Because it requires less space by consolidating all the modules into one, and on this computer, Apple also changed the thermal system to be less bulky and more efficient.

Apple sells in its communications about this computer that it is almost portable and able to fit in more places than before and I can say that this is real. When it came to bringing it home, I spent a few stressful minutes figuring out where to put it, but once I got it out of the packaging, I saw that it would fit perfectly where I work with my laptop.

Another of Apple’s key messages about the iMac is that it has the best camera a Mac has ever had. While this has always been a pain point for some users, in this case the new model has a FaceTime HD camera. 1080p, with dual resolution, as well as improvements in the sensors, the M1 chip and the Neural Engine help to do advanced image processing in low light conditions, for example.

Again, comparing it to various Apple computers, I can also confirm that this is real. The images are much sharper, the aspect is also much wider (so we have to be careful what we have behind us during a video call) and it works very well in low light conditions. Previously, with other Mac models, I could see my image “grainy” when the light was not adequate, now the sharpness of the image is kept constant.

Another improvement is the audio, with better microphones – now there are three – and a six-speaker sound system, two pairs of woofers and each with a high-performance tweeter. During tests, turning the volume up to the maximum I found that the audio was not distorted, that there was a good distinction in the voices, bass and bass, and that there were also no vibrations on my desk. , where I found a similar experience of use, because in addition Apple also uses algorithms and computational audio to improve the sound depending on the type of content that is being listened to.

With this computer, in addition, the seamless integration of the native iOS and iPad OS applications is maintained directly on the desktop, an effort that Apple has made in recent years to make the experience of using their devices even more 360 with each other and improve experiences such as continuity of use (in this case handoff). In my case I have been able to go from the phone to the computer and vice versa, without any problem, with a very fluid experience and really satisfactory.

And not only that, working with her is also fast and fluid. In the tests I tried to leave iOS applications open such as a meditation one, Apple Arcade games, a video in editing in iMovie, I was also listening to music, I had the browser open with word processors, messaging services, a streaming platform, as well as Another video opened in QuickTime, a photograph that I was manipulating in Photoshop, more downloads during all that time (one business day) and at no point did I feel that the computer slowed down or something started to fail.

The iMac comes with a new magic keyboard with or without a Touch ID sensor, as well as a new mouse and as an additional accessory the trackpad. You can buy all these in different colors, thus reaching 60 different combinations between computer and peripherals.

Regarding Touch ID, a relevant function that is integrated into this computer is the possibility of, first, make several profiles and switch between them quickly and second, do it through just using Touch ID. While this feature already existed on other Apple computers, it can now be used on the iMac with Magic Keyboard with Touch ID.

In terms of connectivity, all iMac input have two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports that reach up to 40 Gb / s, from the 38,499 model it also has two USB 3 ports with 10 Gb / s speed and an Ethernet port on the power adapter.

Should I change my iMac?

I believe that this is a good evolution of a classic for Apple and is on track with the objectives that the company has always had for computers like this: functional, practical, but always standing out in design.

The M1 chip gives it a good performance in general and I think that the possibility of integrating the entire ecosystem thanks to it is essential for a good experience for its users. On the other hand, having this proprietary chip now also gives other advantages to those who buy these computers: a decrease in the cost of their cheapest models and even the most expensive ones (this goes from 33,000 to 55,000 pesos) and a better design, easier to locate inside the home and with less weight so it is easy to move it in different environments of a house.

The truth is, so far I can not find a point against buying this computer for those who have creative needs, multitasking, and even for those who want to share a desktop computer with other members of their home or workspace.

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