NewsRewe and Edeka close fresh food counters: "Scarcity hits...

Rewe and Edeka close fresh food counters: "Scarcity hits us with full force"

Created: 08/09/2022, 10:08 am

The products in supermarkets are becoming more and more expensive due to inflation. Now the first fresh food counters are also closing.

Dortmund – Inflation and the Ukraine war are causing problems for many customers in supermarkets and discounters. Products are becoming more and more expensive and delivery problems are also affecting many consumers. Now, however, another problem follows, which is particularly noticeable at Rewe and Edeka.

company Rewe and Edeka
founding 1927 and 1898
problem Closure of fresh food counters

Rewe and Edeka close fresh food counters: “Scarcity hits us with full force”

Because there is currently a shortage of staff in Germany. However, not only airports, delivery services, restaurants and craft businesses are affected, but also supermarkets. This has fatal consequences – especially with the popular fresh food counters, as RUHR24 reports. “The shortage of staff at the service counters hits us with full force,” reveals a Rewe dealer from Bavaria to Focus.

Finding new staff is also proving to be much more difficult than expected. It often takes several months before a position can be filled. That is why some companies are taking drastic measures and are closing their counters with fresh cheese and fresh meat – at least earlier than usual. Aldi customers must also be prepared for an innovation.

Rewe and Edeka close fresh food counters: opening hours change for customers

Because some branches in North Rhine-Westphalia and other federal states are no longer able to serve their customers around the clock with goods from the fresh food counter due to the lack of staff. Instead, consumers have to resort to packaged sausage and cheese from the refrigerated section. Some Edeka branches close their fresh food counters at 1 p.m.

This is not only annoying for the customers, but also for the companies themselves. Because it results in less sales and profits. To counteract the problem, some companies have already come up with something.

Rewe and Edeka close fresh food counters: problem solution already planned

Because “the fluctuation is huge,” confirms the purchasing manager of a large German discounter. Fluctuation is defined as a short-term or permanent change in personnel. In order to stop the shortage of staff, the minimum wage has already been raised in many places.

An einigen Frischetheken von Edeka und Rewe gibt es Personalengpässe.
There are staff shortages at some Edeka and Rewe fresh food counters. (symbol photo) © Biky/Imago

In the meantime, not only food prices, but also the cost of living have risen massively due to inflation. But something was also considered for supermarket customers to make shopping more pleasant. Now it remains to be seen whether the situation will improve as a result, or whether the next shops will close their fresh food counters.

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