NewsRhineland-Palatinate: Man (40) wants to tie the dog to...

Rhineland-Palatinate: Man (40) wants to tie the dog to the train – the woman boldly intervenes

Created: 08/05/2022 2:09 p.m

Ein Mann (40) wollte in Freinsheim (Rheinland-Pfalz) einen kleinen Hund an einen Zug festbinden. (Symbolfoto/Fotomontage)
A man (40) wanted to tie a small dog to a train in Freinsheim (Rhineland-Palatinate). (symbolic photo/photomontage) © dpa-Bernd Wüstneck; Peter Klaunzer/Assembly HEADLINE24

At the last moment, a woman at the train station in Freinsheim, Palatinate, noticed a man (40) who wanted to tie a small dog to a train. Read the incredible case here:

Rhineland-Palatinate – That was literally a last-minute rescue! The police in the Palatinate town of Freinsheim near Bad Dürkheim are dealing with an unbelievable incident. On Tuesday (2 August) around 2 p.m., an attentive witness saw a man trying to tie a small dog to a train in the station just before the train departed.
LUDWIGSHAFEN24 knows the details of the animal hater who wanted to tie his partner’s dog to a train.

Also read why the police had to use a taser to overpower the man. (pek)

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