NewsRiots in Israel: Three armed Palestinians killed

Riots in Israel: Three armed Palestinians killed

Acts of violence continue in Israel. Three Palestinians are killed by an Israeli unit. According to the secret service, they were members of a terrorist cell.

Rallamah/Tel Aviv – The conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians continue to escalate. In the northern West Bank, three Palestinians were killed by an Israeli unit. According to the Palestinian news agency Wafa, the incident happened on Saturday night (April 2, 2022). The Israeli forces in Araba near the city of Jenin shot at a car in which the armed Palestinians were traveling.

The Israeli news site ynet reported that the men killed were members of the Palestinian militant organization Islamic Jihad. The Israeli domestic secret service Shin Bet speaks of a terrorist cell that was responsible for an attack near Tulkarem and is said to have planned further attacks.

Palestinians killed in Israel: Eleven people have already died

When trying to arrest the men, they shot at the joint police and Shin Bet army, whereupon the security forces fired back. There were several wounded among the Israeli forces, according to the secret service. Weapons and hand grenades were found on the Palestinians who were killed. In the past few days there have already been several attacks in Israel, in which eleven people lost their lives.

For example, on Friday (March 31, 2022) a 29-year-old Palestinian was killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers. Three Palestinians were killed in the occupied West Bank on Thursday. Israel fears that further acts of violence could follow during the holy fasting month of Ramadan in April – which is already overshadowed by the global war events. It is already Israel’s bloodiest week in 16 years. (tt/dpa)

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