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Robots dancing to the rhythm of music: this is how Boston Dynamics move

Boston Dynamics robots are so advanced that we've no longer just seen them in doggy robotic guardian mode guarding the relics of the ancient city near Naples we know as Pompeii; they can also dance, do gymnastics, run, and even participate in daily activities , such as opening doors and lifting objects.

Now, Hyundai together with the company Boston Dynamics have made a new video presentation that surpasses the previous ones in entertainment and robotic acrobatics .

New video dancing together to the rhythm of the music

"We believe that advanced mobile robots will bring enormous benefits to society," the company said. But, meanwhile, the robots also show to be agile and precise, even being able to dance in sync with absolute efficiency.

The video shows the robots' dance moves, along with lyrics from the song "Permission to Dance" by BTS, a popular South Korean boy band. If you watch the full video, you'll see Atlas, Boston Dynamics' humanoid robot, also appearing in key moments in the clip.

"The best moment is yet to come", is seen in the video: a sign of optimism and positivity on the part of the company and a new test of its skills that we are sure will become viral on social networks.

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