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Roland Emmerich on his new climate film

The future looks pretty bleak in Roland Emmerich’s planned film about the climate almond. Previously, in “Moonfall”, he lets the moon hurtle towards the earth.

Berlin – Hollywood director Roland Emmerich has given new insights into his film project about climate change and migration.

“It is partly set in Africa, plays in 20 years and has “Doctors Without Borders” at its center,” said the 66-year-old to the editorial network Germany (RND) when asked about a possible sequel to his climate catastrophe film “The Day After Tomorrow”. . He went on to explain the plot of the film: “America has turned its back on the world. The situation in Europe is chaotic. 200 million people are rushing to Europe looking for food.”

But first, Emmerich, who was born in Stuttgart and lives in Los Angeles, will bring his new sci-fi disaster film “Moonfall” to cinemas in February. In it, the moon is knocked out of its orbit by mysterious forces and rushes towards the earth. dpa

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