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Royal premiere – Meghan and Harry show their daughter Lili for the first time!

Meghan and Harry finally show their addition to the family, daughter Lilibet Diana. The fans are thrilled.

Montecito – Fans had to wait a long, long time, now the time has finally come. While all the royal families gradually published their Christmas cards in the form of family photos or more unusual solutions – such as the princely family in Monaco with a drawing – the fans looked excitedly towards the USA. Because the holiday greetings from Harry and Meghan were still missing. According to some observers, the first photo of Baby Lili was to be expected.

Meghan and Harry: Finally they show their daughter Lilibet

And they were right. As happy recipients announce on Twitter, the card has arrived – with the offspring of the family from 2021. Meghan happily lifts little Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor in the photo, Harry has Archie sitting on his lap. There were no new pictures of the firstborn for a long time either, now he looks like a lively young man. The Sussex ‘wish you “Happy Holidays”.

Meghan and Harry donate for Christmas

The Sussex write: “This year we welcomed our daughter Lilibet into the world. Archie made us a mom and a dad and Lili made us a family. ”It continues underneath:“ We have donated on your behalf to various organizations that honor and protect families – of those who are being relocated from Afghanistan , to American families in need of paid parental leave. “

The fans are enthusiastic on social media. “That’s what I call a happy family” or “What a wonderful holiday donation from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex” reads below. (jh)

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