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Royal Run in Denmark: These three royals were ahead of the game on Instagram

Almost the entire Danish Crown Prince family was on the move at the Royal Run. But only these three were clear Instagram winners.

Copenhagen – The traditional Royal Run took place in five cities on September 12th. The entire Danish family and heir to the throne Prince Frederik (53) jogged with the popular fun run. The Danish royal family proudly posted the pictures of their athletic participants on Instagram. Sure, at such an event counts, being there is everything. * reveals: But there was a clear winner on Instagram.

Three members of the royal family can be seen on the Highlight Post, who left Crown Prince Frederik * (53), Crown Princess Mary (49) and even cousin Prince Felix (19) far behind. The three participating children, Princess Josephine (10), Princess Isabella (14) and Josephine’s twin brother Prince Vincent (10), were in the lead. The three with red cheeks proudly hold their medals at the camera. They still have their dark blue starting address with the starting numbers on. Amalienborg Palace * can be seen in the background. The picture had over 70,000 likes less than 24 hours later.

The run, which took place in the five largest cities in Denmark, is very popular, especially since Crown Prince Frederik actively participates in the run in all cities. In Aalborg, Odense Bornholm, Sønderjylland, the Crown Prince runs one mile (approx. 1.609 kilometers). In Copenhagen he then covered ten kilometers on the asphalt. The Crown Princess started in Aalborg, Prince Felix * started in Copenhagen for the first time.

Despite her sympathetic words, Crown Princess Mary * could not top her children on Instagram. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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