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Rust tragedy: Alec Baldwin has a plan against gun accidents

Actor Alec Baldwin has made a suggestion to prevent firearm accidents on film sets. However, not everyone is enthusiastic about this.

Santa Fe / Frankfurt – If it were up to US actor Alec Baldwin, the police would be present in all future film action scenes with firearms. The 63-year-old made this suggestion on Monday (November 8th, 2021) on social media: “Every film / TV location where guns are used, whether fake or not, should have a police officer hired by the production on set who specifically the gun security is monitored. “

In October 2021 there was a tragic accident in Santa Fe, New Mexico while filming the low-budget western film “Rust”. Baldwin had starred and produced the film that day and rehearsed a shooting scene with a prop gun. The Baldwin met the chief camerawoman Halyna Hutchins, who died shortly afterwards from the consequences. Director Joel Souza was injured in the shoulder. Investigations revealed that there was a real bullet in the Colt. An assistant director later admitted mistakes. He did not strictly follow the safety precautions and only incompletely checked the weapon.

Bei Actionszenen mit Schusswaffen sollten zukünftig Polizeibeamt:innen am Filmset anwesend sein, schlug der Schauspieler Alec Baldwin vor. (Archivbild)


In future, police officers should be present on the film set for action scenes with firearms, suggested actor Alec Baldwin. (Archive image)

After a fatal shot on the Santa Fe film set: Alec Baldwin has a suggestion

The incident has sparked a discussion in Hollywood and in the United States more generally about the use of firearms on film sets. Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson promised not to use real guns in the films he produced in the future. “We’ll switch to rubber guns and take care of it in post-production,” he said, according to the online newspaper Huffpost. “We’re not going to worry about the money; we’re not going to care about what it costs.

Baldwin’s proposal to use the police on the filming locations was not only met with approval, however. The Daily Beast writer Tirhakah Love published an article on Tuesday (November 9th, 2021) with the headline: “Alec Baldwin’s idiotic call for more police on the set after the shooting of Rust”. Love wrote, “Not only is this just a terrible idea, as opposed to using the wrong weapon and making sure that the people who handle those weapons are well rested and, more importantly, are actually well trained, but it is also an act of surrender to the outrage of the right. “

In addition, the author criticized the fact that a police operation on film sets would lead to the exact opposite, namely to an even greater spread of firearms. An argument for more police on set is also an argument for an even deeper and more pronounced relationship between Hollywood and the state. The fatal shot is currently still under investigation by the authorities. The gun master is currently the focus of the investigation. Your lawyers are now talking about sabotage. (Anna Charlotte Groos)

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