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"Sad or overwhelmed": GNTM star Lovelyn Enebechi feels left alone by the man as a mother

Created: 8/8/2022, 6:37 p.m

Fotocollage: Lovelyn Weigel und ihr Baby.
Lovelyn Weigel talks about her new role as a mother on Instagram. © Screenshots Instagram/lovelyn_enebechi

The former GNTM winner Lovelyn Weigel (born Enebechi) became a mother for the first time in March. There are also lonely moments in her new role, as she shares on Instagram. She feels sad at times.

Hamburg – Lovelyn Weigel (25) gave birth to a son in March. With her partner Toni Weigel, she is happy as a mother and loves her Levi, showing him again and again (without a face) on her Instagram channel. Being a mom isn’t just beautiful, it’s also quite exhausting. In an Instagram question and answer session, she gave an honest insight.

Mentally “mixed”: Lovelyn Weigel often feels lonely at home with the baby

The former GNTM star, whose native name is Lovelyn Enebechi, openly admitted that she felt mentally “mixed”. She also feels lonely from time to time because the small family decided to move from the city to the country. “I thought the garden and the quiet were good for us, but on the contrary. I miss the people, the connection, the cafés,” says Lovelyn.

The feeling of loneliness is also increased because her husband goes to work during the day while she takes care of the baby at home. “Especially when my husband works a lot, I feel very alone and sometimes I’m sad or overwhelmed and unfortunately we’ve had a lot of stress in the last few months,” says Lovelyn Weigel, giving an honest insight into her current situation.

“Sensitive topic”: GNTM winner Lovelyn Weigel gives his son the bottle

Currently there are still very high temperatures and the little person sleeps badly at night – so little sleep for mum either. “Many nights are very exhausting. At the moment 40 percent are really good and 60 percent are rather difficult. But it’s getting better,” says Lovelyn Weigel. After struggling with breastfeeding problems, however, she now gives her son the bottle: “It’s just a sensitive topic for me, which quickly makes me sad!”

Lovelyn Weigel’s birth was anything but easy. The GNTM winner was in labor for 21 hours and said she “screamed the entire delivery room”. Sources used :

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