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“Sankt Maik” turns the last lap

With a two-part binge-watching evening, fans of the RTL series “Sankt Maik” can accompany Pastor Sanmann for hours at a time. Will he manage to save his community from the drug mafia?

Cologne – prison instead of seventh heaven: For the petty criminal Maik Schäfer (Daniel Donskoy), who had long pretended to be Pastor Sanmann, the game of hide-and-seek ends in the first episode of the final season of “Sankt Maik” in prison.

His Eva (Bettina Burchard), a policewoman in the village, personally drops him off there. Trust gone, relationship no longer an issue.

It is thanks to an old friend that he still ends up in the tranquil village of Läuterberg a little later. Katja (Karolina Lodyga, “Anna und die Liebe”), sister of the deceased gang boss Jurek, got him out of prison. In return, “his” church is now to become a drug hub. So the drop on the way to a future without rip-offs and with romance is far from over and Eva and Maik still have to get together to put Katja down.

The fans of Daniel Donskoy and the easy-going drama comedy that has been running on RTL since 2018 should be pleased. For eight episodes you are allowed to follow the mistakes and turns of the alleged pastor, his brother and the parish again. And that on just two days, more precisely on Thursdays. RTL turns the broadcast into a series marathon and will show four episodes in a row on August 19 and 26, from 8:15 pm, “as a binge-watching party,” as the broadcaster announced. The final season should also end with a bang, lead actor Donskoy recently promised on Instagram.

The first episodes of the final season build on the predecessors. As in the previous seasons, the different characters of the place are lovingly exaggerated, Pastor Sanmann solves minor personal problems of the parishioners in an unorthodox way and there is always room for love – on many fronts and in many facets. The meaning of the world, the church, the family or other things is not discussed in depth in “Sankt Maik”, but it should not be discussed at all.

The linchpin of the successful series is also the main actor Daniel Donskoy, who has long been on the way to becoming an established actor and entertainer on German television. As a forensic doctor in Hanover “Tatort”, host of the new Jewish WDR late night show “Friday Night Jews”, a welcome guest in entertainment programs and a musician, the 31-year-old is currently making a lot of talk. The fact that RTL even describes the “Sankt Maik” leading actor as the “sharpest“ sham ”saint” also says something about Donskoy’s optical strength.

On RTL, the Moscow-born Donskoy will soon be seen in the film adaptation of the story of the faked Hitler diaries. He plays alongside Moritz Bleibtreu and Lars Eidinger in “Faking Hitler”. So, despite the end of the series of “Sankt Maik”, Daniel Donskoy should not be quieter. dpa

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