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Sarah Engels dares change: hairdresser is afraid to cut her hair

Just in time for the start of her first Sat.1 film, Sarah Engels dared to change her hair. She drove her hairdresser pretty crazy when cutting.

Cologne – “Dare a little change”: This was the motto of the last visit to the hairdresser at Sarah Engels*. A little color or a new cut for the New Year? On Instagram, the singer took her followers to the hair salon. “Today is a little fresh up,” she announced. The fans were once again able to gain insight into the everyday family life of Sarah and Julian Engels*.

Change for Sarah Engels: hair salon becomes a family outing

Family trip to the hairdresser: dad Julian Engels and daughter Soela were allowed to be there live when the singer changed. “Mouselinchen was so tearful yesterday and today,” says Sarah in her story. Daughter Solea was born on December 2nd and is therefore just over a month old. So while Sarah Engels got a new hairstyle, the little one was rocked back and forth by her dad in the background.

A positive side effect: the hairdressing salon is normally closed on Mondays. The hairdresser had “taken extra time for me, so sweet,” says Sarah in the story. “I think if it had been full here, we wouldn’t have been able to do it,” the singer* continued. And so it was possible for Solea to take a little break from breastfeeding during the haircut. Sarah’s hairdresser is “fortunately a mom herself and knows exactly what it means,” says Engels.

Sarah Engels drives her hairdresser crazy: “Now she’s afraid to cut my hair”

Speaking of haircuts: What was Sarah now going to change? The singer initially let her followers fidget. “Today I wanted to make a little change. For Melina (her hairdresser) and me, it’s really ‘wild’ what I dared to do there,” she commented on the pictures from the salon with a laugh. She probably unsettled her hairdresser when cutting.

Sarah Engels zeigt auf Instagram ihre neue Frisur - „nur ein bisschen Pony.“


Sarah Engels shows off her new hairstyle on Instagram – “just a little bangs.”

“I drove her so crazy, now she’s afraid to cut my hair,” she tells her husband in one sequence. And the cut strands look pretty long too. But in the end there is a new haircut and the singer seems visibly satisfied. For all fans of her long hair, it remains to be said: the singer does not have a short haircut. Most of all, she had the front part of her hair cut. “Just a bit of bangs,” Sarah Engels later shows, or as they say in the department: curtain bangs. Incidentally, the small change came just in time for the start of her first Sat.1 film * “The Dancer and the Gangster” ran on TV on January 17 and has already been the subject of much discussion by her fans. (chd) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubriklistenbild: © Screenshot Instagram sarellax3

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