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Sarah Ferguson remains true to Andrew: 'She wants to keep the family together'

Although the promise “in good times and bad” hasn’t really connected Fergie and Prince Andrew since their divorce, she still supports her ex-husband unconditionally.

London – For Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson (62), her family always comes first. For her, this still includes Prince Andrew * (62) – even if the two have been divorced longer than they were married.

Sarah Ferguson remains true to Andrew: ‘She wants to keep the family together’

The abuse scandal surrounding Prince Andrew * has not only shaken his own life to the core, but also that of his relatives. The British royal family* largely turned away from him, his nephew Prince William* (39) is said to have even described him as a threat to the monarchy. Prince Charles (73) also seems to have little affection for his brother * and would even like to ban him completely from the scene.

Even if it is now clear that Andrew does not have to testify in the abuse process thanks to a comparison with Virginia Giuffre * (38), the scandal will probably always overshadow his future. Probably the only person who is still loyal and brave at the Duke of York’s side is his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. Despite the divorce, the two still share a home and are said to be closer than they ever were during their marriage.

Sarah Ferguson und Prinz Andrew gehen nebeneinander her, sie lächelt (Symbolbild).


Sarah Ferguson is still loyal to Prince Andrew (symbolic picture).

Sarah Ferguson continues to stand by Andrew: her daughters are suffering greatly from the situation

According to media reports, Sarah should fight like a lioness to somehow save the reputation and, above all, the well-being of her family. The happiness of her daughters Beatrice* (33) and Eugenie* (31) is particularly important to her. The princesses are said to suffer greatly from the tragic situation. “Fergie works behind the scenes to keep her family calm and peaceful,” the Express quoted Mail on Sunday journalist Charlotte Griffiths as saying. Her most important goal is to “keep the family together”.

Prinzessin Beatrice, Sarah Ferguson und Prinzessin Eugenie stehen Arm in Arm nebeneinander und lächeln (Symbolbild).


The well-being of her daughters Beatrice (left) and Eugenie has top priority for Fergie (symbol image).

Just last December, Sarah Ferguson* once again emphasized in an interview that she was “100 percent” behind Andrew despite the allegations of abuse. “He is such a dear, great man. He’s a brilliant dad and now a fantastic grandfather, too,” the 61-year-old explained on the talk show Porta a Porta at the time. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubriklistenbild: © Ben Stevens/Imago

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