NewsPrince Andrew: Now Prince Charles has to lend him...

Prince Andrew: Now Prince Charles has to lend him money too

Prince Andrew in need of money. Prince Charles will reportedly pick up some of the hefty fee the Virginia Giuffre settlement costs.

LONDON – The Prince of Wales, 73, will loan the Duke of York, 62, up to 8.5 million euros (7 million pounds) from his private fortune, according to Britain’s The Sun, after Prince Andrew agreed, an undisclosed sum payable to Virginia Giuffre (38). In return, she dropped her lawsuit. The amount must be transferred within a very short time.*

Prince Andrew: Now Charles has to lend him money too

First, the big question was whether Andrew’s sudden acceptance of the settlement would amount to an admission of guilt. In the meantime, tempers have calmed down a bit and tender grass is growing over the matter, but the costs for the plaintiff and lawyers threaten to let the second eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II* (95) fall into the debt trap.

Prinz Andrew schaut mit gebeugtem Kopf missmutig in die Kamera (Symbolbild).


After the settlement of the year-long court dispute, Prince Andrew apparently got into financial difficulties (symbol image).

Since the British royal family has a not unselfish interest in Prince Andrew’s* scandalous story, be it true or not, disappearing from the press in the year of the Queen’s 70th jubilee, the regent should dig deep into the coffers of her privately earned funds* to have.

Prince Andrew says he only has 10 days to pay off the debt

Now his older brother Prince Charles* apparently follows his mother’s example, although he had previously distanced himself from his brother*. The reason for the change of heart could be the extremely tight payment terms now reported by the “Sun”. Prince Andrew, who has always maintained his innocence and wanted to clear up the allegations once and for all*, is said to have to pay the enormous sum of around 14.5 million euros (12 million pounds) in damages to Giuffre within ten days.

Queen Elizabeth II. und Prinz Charles schauen in die gleiche Richtung (Symbolbild).


Queen Elizabeth II and now Prince Charles are helping Prince Andrew financially (symbol image).

The source cited by The Sun tells of discussions in the family about where the money could come from. Apparently, the closest royal family* agreed to scrape together “a little bit from here and a little bit from there”. Andrew will pay back the money to the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, as soon as he has sold his chalet in Verbier, Switzerland*, it said.

The numbers are not confirmed. The specific agreement with Giuffre remains top secret. However, industry experts suspect that the settlement, including legal fees, would cost Andrew around 12 million euros. A sum that the father of two does not have on the high edge. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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