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Saving gas in the house: consumers should avoid these expensive mistakes

Created: 08/09/2022 10:22 am

Kochen mit Gas
With these tips it is easy to save gas in the household. (Iconic image) © dpa/ Laurent Davoust

The current gas crisis is causing many households to despair, because the gas bills in 2022 will be significantly higher than in previous years. Often the only option: save.

Many tenants and private households currently feel financially overwhelmed. In addition to the increased costs for food and everyday consumer goods, energy costs are also increasing more and more. All the more important are everyday and easy-to-implement saving tips to keep gas consumption low and, above all, to avoid unnecessary costs. The easiest way: save hot water, because in many households this is heated by gas.

Saving tips: With these tips, gas and costs can easily be saved in the household

But save the energy and gas costs in your own household without thinking too much about it? Yes! This can be done with these simple tips, as reports:

  • Do not leave the tap running unnecessarily
    Whether you’re doing the dishes, washing your hands or taking a shower – the warm water should be used sparingly in order to save both gas costs and water. When washing hands, the water can be turned on briefly for lathering, then turned off again while the hands are lathered well and the water is turned on again briefly to rinse off. When rinsing, the water should be let in and not everything cleaned under the running tap. In many cases, the dishwasher is even more economical than washing up “by hand”.
  • Better to take a shower than a bath
    In many ways, showering is more economical than bathing in a well-filled bathtub. On average, only half as much water is used when showering as when bathing. This saves twice: water and, with less water consumption, less gas has to be used to heat the water. Taking shorter, colder showers can further reduce costs.
  • Save with the shower head
    Special economy shower heads can make showering more economical. However, the acquisition costs for a savings shower head are around 20 euros. The costs should be considered in the planned savings measure and seen as a long-term investment. However, if a new shower head is due anyway, the energy-saving shower head could be a good solution for saving gas.
  • Saving gas when cooking and baking
    Gas can even be saved in households that do not cook with gas at all, because natural gas is also burned to generate electricity. According to Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck, around 15 percent of natural gas is currently used in kitchens. A power-saving measure in this case is: only heat as much water as necessary when cooking and cook with the lid so that the heat is not released into the environment. The convection function is recommended for baked goods, because top/bottom heat often requires preheating.
  • Pull the plug on quiet power guzzlers
    Standby mode is tricky because it’s deceptive – the device doesn’t appear to be in use, but it still needs power. In the best case, switch everything off properly or even pull the plug. This saves electricity and possibly prevents the burning of natural gas. At the same time, of course, your own energy costs are minimized.
  • Forced airing instead of continuous airing
    If the water for heating is heated with gas, gas costs can be saved by briefly ventilating instead of opening the windows for a long time. Because when you air the room for a long time, a lot of valuable heat is released into the environment and does not stay in your own four walls. In general, heat is saved by ventilating the room.

Environmental protection: Saving energy helps in two ways

When it comes to saving energy and gas, however, it is not only good for your wallet, but also protects the environment. Some electricity does not come from renewable energies. Natural gas, once released, is even more harmful to the environment than CO₂ because it is made of methane.

The use of energy from nuclear power plants must also be critically examined with regard to our environment, nuclear radiation and health. But in view of the gas shortage, there is not only talk about closing fun and indoor pools, but also about nuclear power plants, which are actually supposed to be shut down.

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