NewsSchlager star Andy Borg gives "pretty girl" a basket...

Schlager star Andy Borg gives "pretty girl" a basket – and has "now a guilty conscience"

Schlager star Andy Borg voted for Eric Philippi at the ARD Schlagerchallenge in September. Romy Kirsch received a basket from him at the time, which he still struggles with.

Berlin – Shortly before the turn of the year, Florian Silbereisen invited his two Schlager * colleagues Andy Borg * and Ross Antony to the big round of guessing. In the MDR show “Die Schlager des Jahres 2021” last Thursday (December 30th), the two guests had to guess what different stars of the Schlager scene made this year headlines. In some cases, there were insane speculations about Andrea Berg *. Advice fox Andy Borg couldn’t help but make an angry remark *. Then he also reported on a decision that still gives him a guilty conscience today.

Schlager star Andy Borg gives “pretty girl” a basket – and has “now a guilty conscience”

Young Schlager star Eric Philippi also made headlines in 2021. But with what? As if fired from a pistol, Borg and Ross replied in unison: “So we know that right away” and “That can only be one” shouted the two Schlager guests. No wonder that Andy Borg in particular remembered this year’s highlight with the young all-rounder, after all, he himself was involved in its outcome. Because the 24-year-old Eric Philippi won the ARD Schlagerchallenge 2021.

The newcomer went into the race against singer Romy Kirsch and won by a huge margin. Schlager stars like Beatrice Egli, Julian David and Ross Antony were allowed to vote for their favorites at the Schlager Talent Show in September. In the end, Philippi received the most votes from the experienced stars. Andy Borg was also on the “jury” back then and gave his voice to the young pop star. But this decision still gives him stomach ache today.

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Schlager star Andy Borg: decision at ARD Schlagerchallenge still gives him stomach ache

“I still have a guilty conscience now,” he said desperately during the Schlager annual review with Silbereisen *. Apparently his professional decision made him ache in his stomach – after all, it was a singing contest and not a beauty contest – which Romy Kirsch had to put away with. “Because I gave him this point for musical reasons – and not this pretty girl.” ( Jbr ) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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