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Schlager star Patricia Kelly had three strokes of fate in 2021 – "Hardest year of my life"

Patricia Kelly didn’t have an easy time in 2021. She had to cope with a death in the family and Corona disease.

Düsseldorf – Everyone is slowly starting to publish their annual reviews of 2021 on television and also on social media. Patricia Kelly and her family looked back on a difficult year in a report on TV station RTL.

Singer Patricia Kelly reports on the “hardest year of my life”

The Kelly Family * singer has just moved into a new house with her children and her husband. With memories of the past year, the 52-year-old hopes above all that things will go better now. She says: “Without exaggerating: This year was one of the hardest of my life.” One of the reasons for this assessment is Corona. Patricia Kelly was double vaccinated and already recovered when she got hit again. She even had to go to the hospital with the viral disease *.

The family gave music star Patricia Kelly a stop

The illness was only two months ago and is still very much in the family’s minds. The family is her life’s work, says Kelly. “My husband (Dennis Sawinkin, adR) had to carry me extremely this year and that is for me … more is not possible. For me, that’s love, true love, ”enthuses the star. Dennis Sawinkin adds gratefully, “There are families around the world who won’t be celebrating this Christmas in full. You really appreciate the fact that you still have each other. “

Patricia Kelly also lost her beloved sister in 2021

But that wasn’t the only difficult turn to take. Because Patricia Kelly surprisingly lost a loved family member. Her younger sister Barby died in April * at the age of only 45. At the time, she said on Instagram: “Of course these were extremely tough weeks. It’s still tough and still kind of surreal. We miss Barby very much and we love her very much. “

For the next year, Patricia Kelly wishes above all health. But also cohesion and a good dose of humor. (jh) * is part of IPPEN.Media

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