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Scientific experiments you can do in your microwave

Science has the ability to make everyday things more interesting , to make us understand what is happening around us from a perspective that shakes and forces us to reflect at the same time, combining rationality and feelings in one . Nature is full of chemical and physical principles that work with the accuracy of a Swiss watch and cause many to rethink the thought that Newton already enunciated: “the more I study science, the more I believe in God .”

For centuries, the human being has dedicated time and effort to understand the natural laws that surrounded him, deciphering them from his ingenuity, observation and trial and error . If we talk about experiments, it is not necessary to go to the monochromatic rays of Dr. Frankenstein and his desire to create life from death to see that the empirical verification of a scientific theory makes us feel that human pride in being able to understand how it works the reality we inhabit .

From the first theories of gravity to the discovery of vaccines, DNA sequencing, atomic tests or the collisions of particles achieved in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, the history of science is full of successes and failures obtained thanks to the vision of great minds . And, although to a lesser extent, there are ways of transferring certain scientific principles to the family environment.

We may not realize it, but we live surrounded by technology and objects that work thanks to advances in science . Without going any further, the microwave that we use almost every day can be the perfect tool to do the odd experiment without too much trouble at home (although it is always advisable to take some precaution). Burned out bulbs that come to life, homemade plasma, soap that swells like popcorn or eggs that explode. These are some of the many experiments that can be safely done with a microwave.

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