NewsSecret Dinner With Wives: William and Harry put differences...

Secret Dinner With Wives: William and Harry put differences aside for Queen Elizabeth

Dieter Nur is back. And as expected, quite the old one

"Nuhr im Erste", the cabaret show with Dieter Nuhr (ARD), is back from the summer break. And it just gushes out of him. The TV review.

“Once the reputation is ruined …”: Laura Müller makes a strange token of love...

Michael Wendler and Laura Müller make public declarations of love. Müller underlaid a "Love you" clip with an interesting song.

Fish deaths in the Oder: New findings on the cause – the procedure makes...

Thousands of fish died in the Oder. German laboratories continue to research the cause of the fish deaths. The environmental damage is massive. The news ticker.

Archaeologists make 'phenomenal discovery' in 6,500-year-old tomb

Archaeologists made several discoveries during excavations in Romania. However, the tomb of a 6,500-year-old woman was the most intriguing.

Shooting in Hamburg – man suffers headshot, relatives wanted to storm the emergency room

Large-scale operation after a shooting in Hamburg. A man is hit in the head. Investigation lasts until the early morning. The hospital had to be protected.