NewsSecurity personnel celebrate Fat Comedy in court against Pocher:...

Security personnel celebrate Fat Comedy in court against Pocher: "You did well"

Created: 10/24/2022 4:48 am

With a slap in the face against Oliver Pocher, Fat Comedy got talking in the spring. The 23-year-old now had to stand trial in court for his crime – an opportunity that some of the security personnel are said to have used to take a stand.

Frankfurt am Main – After Oliver Pocher (44) received a slap in the face from young rapper Fat Comedy (23) in the spring, the comedian quickly realized: This will have consequences! The 44-year-old demanded 100,000 euros in damages from the hitherto almost unknown 23-year-old, who had his act, which took place on the sidelines of a boxing match, filmed. In Frankfurt am Main, the process now came – with surprising scenes!

Oliver Pocher goes to court against Fat Comedy – the slapping process revolves around the monkey video

Things got hot in front of the Frankfurt district court: Oliver Pocher, who had recently caused a scandal during a live performance, was “vaunted, humiliated and despised,” argued his lawyer Verena Haisch in court, like bild. de reported. Fat Comedy (bourgeois: Giuseppe Sumrain) wanted to “just (…) get more followers on Instagram” with his slapping video. The 23-year-old had also posted a second video that Pocher also wanted to have taken out of circulation.

Fat Comedy, daneben sein Ohrfeigen-Opfer, der Comedian Oliver Pocher (Fotomontage)
Because Fat Comedy publicly slapped Oliver Pocher on the sidelines of a boxing match in the spring, the comedian went to court – security guards are said to have met the accused in a very friendly manner, even praising him for his actions (photo montage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Fat Comedy & kolbert -press/Imago

“A monkey is slapped by a great monkey, then runs to another great monkey,” judge Dr. Ina Frost the more than clear scenes of this clip together. “The video is not satire,” said Pocher’s lawyer, the other side contradicted: “The video stands for freedom of expression, even if it’s exaggerated. Even if you find it unfunny and tasteless, this is about protecting the fundamental right to freedom of expression.”

Judgment pronounced in Pocher’s slap trial – Fat Comedy’s lawyers go to the next instance:

The fact that Fat Comedy hit Oliver Pocher in the face with his flat hand at the end of March did not go unpunished. The court ruled that the temporary injunction obtained by Pocher against the 23-year-old remains in place. The rapper may no longer show the controversial monkey video, which clearly alludes to the slapping incident, but the last word does not seem to have been spoken: the defendant’s legal team, Dirk Giesen and Burkhard Bennecken, wants to go to the next instance.

Fat Comedy asked for selfies after the court hearing – he addressed clear words to Oliver Pocher

However, one scene caused confusion: when Fat Comedy left the courthouse around 1 p.m., several security guards are said to have asked the 23-year-old for photos. The words “Well done!” should also have been mentioned.

The rapper then commented on the process in his Instagram story: “It wasn’t about the slap, it was about a monkey video that I posted in the past,” he explained with a grin and also addressed Oliver Pocher directly: There is “nothing to get” from him, according to the 23-year-old. His opponent in the process recently made himself unpopular elsewhere: a bachelor candidate shot Oliver Pocher because of a saying about “Love Island”. Sources used:,

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