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Seidy, the girl: "Music in my life is a form of expression"

The Cuban singer, dancer and actress presents “Friends with Rights”, an irreverent song that is born from what is currently her life, a life in which she does not have time for the “drama” of relationships.

Seidy Cabrera, better known in the artistic world as Seidy, the girl, has a wide artistic career. From a very young age, in her native Cuba, she received training in the art of dance, alongside her maternal uncle, and at the academy. He continued these studies when, like many of his compatriots, he came to live in Miami.

As a teenager, his first opportunity came when he participated in a contest that allowed him to dance on a television show. From this moment the doors of the show were opened to him, becoming part of important casts of television programs or live shows, such as Sábado Gigante or Havana Nights Club, in Las Vegas, where he began, without trying, his career on the performance. As a result of this circumstance, she came to play the leading role in the show about the life of Celia Cruz. The “Viva la diva” contest led her to music, this time as a singer. That was how the already dancer and actress decided to release her first single as a singer.

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However, fate had a great test prepared for her: a couple of days before the launch a car accident, which – although the other driver was under the influence of alcohol – Seidy was not at fault, kept her in a coma for a month and it changed his life.

It was a slow recovery, but he never gave up and walked again, spoke again, and even sang, but with a new voice. Due to the prolonged tubing he had to endure, his tone of voice changed and today he enjoys a sensual rasping that is rare among artists , which is striking for the sound he emits.

Seeing himself recovered, both mentally and physically and realizing that this time he beat death, Seidy decides to venture once more into art to achieve his dream and in 2018 he finally launches his first single, “Tumbao”, a remake of “La Negra Has Tumbao” by Celia Cruz, which went viral on the platforms and popular on the radio, still without a label or promoter.

Seidy’s musical project “La Niña” is based on a Cuban swing to which he adds cultural elements such as trap that -since he relaunched his career as an artist- has shown in the various remakes he has made of popular songs, including several from

Celia Cruz and the remix of “Joanna” (Afro B) that in Seidy’s version is known as “Cubana”, honoring her roots.

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We spoke with the artist about her new release and the plans she has organized,

How was the process of creating and producing “Amigos con Derechos”?

The song was born a year ago with my personal producer and he told me “Seidy, you have to compose something that describes you, but be something daring”. Normally my songs have tumbao, but I didn’t know I could write such an explicit song, we started composing and in two hours it was ready. “Friends with rights” is a song that basically talks about my life, I am a woman who is in the art world and I do not have time to be with a boyfriend, a husband or something that ties me, that’s why I have friends with Rights. In general, we women do not hear them say that, but men who say it and do not see it badly, but women are often misdiagnosed. However, I feel very proud to be able to say that I have friends with rights and that is why I dare to raise my voice for those women.

Tell us about the message implicit in the video of the song

The video has a lot of art is a bit of me representing the dominant, sexy woman, the one on the other side. And the one in control. When my mother saw the song and listened to it, she told me that if I had gone crazy and I said yes, that it was very explicit, that it was strong, but that it is a real song and it is me. In this song I had to use the double meaning a lot to be able to give the meaning I wanted. I used a horse to give the symbol of majesty, greatness and strength; also at the end of the video is where I wake up and it seems as if everything had been a dream. With that I want to make the illusion that many people imagine it or dream of having a friends with rights. I believe that as long as a woman does not have a partner, it is okay for her to have one.

Who inspires you to sing?

I grew up in a family with very strong women, both my grandmother, my aunt and my mother, who are very independent women. In the case of my mother, I have a very close relationship with her, she is like my best friend. I have always seen my mother with boyfriends or husbands, but she has never had to depend on them and part of that is what leads me to be Seidy, the girl, who is a fighter, a warrior, not for everything. What has happened, but because he has this figure next to him who teaches him to get ahead without having to depend on anyone.

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Have you come to be criticized for the lyrics of your songs?

Normally the people who have criticized me about this issue is because they are men and I say if we are supposedly in the 21st century and women can say things as they feel, although each head is a world, in mine I see it that way . I do not pretend that everyone understands me, but it must be clear that not everyone thinks the same, each one lives a different reality. I have had such strong criticisms, that even the lyrics of the songs are known and what I think is that despite everything it even reaches them. I have also received very good reviews from people who tell me that I am a woman who is not afraid to tell the truth and does not mince words. I say: you know that I have friends with rights and what.

Who is Seidy, the girl for the world?

I think that Seidy, the girl is Cuba, she is flavor, she is culture. No matter how much he does reggaeton, trap, dembow, it is important that he always represents in his music where he comes from; even with the way I dress or on my nails that I always wear the Cuban flag. It is necessary to keep an eye on where you come from to understand where you are going and what better way for me to represent Cuba than by joining the rhythms of reggaeton with Cuban sounds and instruments such as the trumpet, the saxophone and the drums.

What does music mean in your life?

The message is serious and very transparent when it is so it can reach more women and men. The music in my life is a form of expression, the music in my life is a way of creating, of dreaming. As long as one does something from reality, I consider that people accept it.

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You act, dance and sing, if you had to choose just one, what would it be?

Eventually I think music for now, but later I’m going to migrate to acting. Everything has a time, a moment, Seidy, the girl was a dancer at first and then she evolved into music. I think one has to know when and where. In 30 years I may not be able to do what I am doing now but suddenly I can demonstrate it with other gifts, so I would like to become an actress who can sing and dance.

How do you handle moments of blockage or lack of inspiration?

When I have a lot of pressure from the studio, the recording or even from people, I like to go to the beach. I have to sit in front of the sea and let my mind flow. There are times when the muse gives herself, but there are other times when we must stop.

After this single, what’s next for Seidy, the girl?

The first six-song EP is coming, including a personal improvement song, with which I speak to life after everything I’ve been through. There is a dance theme. I think you have to listen to this EP, because it has part of my roots, my family and for me that is the most important thing.