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Selenskyj villa in Italy allegedly rented to Russians – realtor denies allegation

Created: 09/02/2022, 11:18 am

Ukraine-Krieg - Kiew
Selenskyj’s villa in northern Italy accommodates Russian guests, of all people, as Il Tirreno reports. © picture alliance/dpa/Sarsenov Daniiar

The Italian holiday villa of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj was allegedly rented to Russians. Ironically, the politician had expressly forbidden in his house.

Forte dei Marmi – The Russian war of aggression in Ukraine since February 2022 is the sad climax of failed diplomacy. The conflict in Eastern Europe has now been going on for more than half a year. Relations between the two countries are strained to the limit. So it’s no wonder that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy doesn’t want to rent his holiday villa in Forte dei Marmi in northern Italy to Russian guests.

Zelenskyj villa rented to Russians – Unwanted guests in northern Italy’s Forte dei Marmi

As reports, citing the local press Il Tirreno , Russians from Great Britain have now moved into the Selenskyj villa. Ironically, the President had expressly forbidden.

A Russian woman is also said to have published photos from the garden on the Internet. As the Italian newspaper reports, several Russians from London are said to be the tenants of the house in August. The Russians are said to have paid 50,000 euros for the summer on the luxurious property with a pool and 15 rooms.

Real estate agency manages Zelenskyy estate: Russians expressly forbidden

A possible entry ban for Russian tourists is currently being discussed in several European countries. Federal President Scholz has so far been skeptical about the idea. Selenskyj had recently repeatedly called for the ban to weaken Russia from within.

He had also expressly forbidden letting his villa in Italy to Russian guests. Exactly they should now have moved in. According to reports, the holiday home will be managed by a local real estate agency. This was initially in conversation with Korean tourists. After the deal fell through, Russians eventually found themselves willing to rent the property.

“I assure you that they can’t be Russians” – Realtor denies allegations

Neighbors of the property are said to have heard that Russian was spoken next door. However, the commissioned real estate agency vehemently denied the allegations that they had complied with the president’s specifications.

The agent responsible, Claudio Salvini, made it clear to the newspaper: “What was written is a guess. The villa has been rented out to a couple for the summer. I will not say whether they live in London or not, but I assure you that they cannot be Russians because we are absolutely forbidden to rent to Russians and Ukrainians.”

However, it is possible that the tenants had Russian-speaking guests, according to Salvini. It can also not be ruled out that someone rented the President’s villa and gave it to Russians. As the investigative platform Slidstvo reports, the Zelenskyjs are said to have bought the property in 2017 for 3.8 million euros.

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