NewsSerious accident on B42: woman dies in head-on collision

Serious accident on B42: woman dies in head-on collision

The driver of a car was killed in an accident on the B42 between Hattenheim and Erbach. The route is closed.

Hattenheim – On the B42 near Wiesbaden there is a serious accident between Hattenheim and Erbach (Rheingau-Taunus). Two cars collided head-on when a vehicle got into oncoming traffic. In the accident, the driver of a car is said to have died, the police reported when asked.

According to initial information, the woman was trapped in her car. A total of four vehicles are said to have been involved in the accident. The lane of the B42 is closed. How long the blockage will last is unclear as a competent expert has to assess the situation on site. (marv)

It was only this year that an uninvolved person was injured in an illegal road race on the B42 near Wiesbaden.

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