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She loved Emma: Here's what's happening with the Queen's favorite pony

Created: 09/23/2022, 6:47 p.m

Sad scene at Windsor Castle. The fate of favorite pony Emma – abandoned wayside by beloved monarch Queen Elizabeth – touches millions.

London – Terry Pendry (72) was stud manager in Windsor for 28 years under Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022). He regularly rode out with the queen and can still clearly see the last ride with her in July with his favorite pony Emma. In the funeral procession, he had the sad task of leading the black fur pony to her last farewell at Windsor Castle. The touching farewell, 24-year-old Carltonlima Emma along the way paying her last respects to the royal hearse, moved thousands to tears.

The animal has a “sixth sense,” attests Terry Pendry, who guided Emma

In a touching gesture, Pendry had draped the Queen’s Hermes headscarf, which she often wore while riding, over Emma’s saddle. As if in greeting, Emma stamped her foot as the coffin approached. “The Queen adored Emma and rode her for more than 20 years so it was only right that she be there and she behaved impeccably,” he told the Daily Mail. The animal has a “sixth sense,” attests the Queen’s trusted companion. It would know Her Majesty would not ride it anymore.

What will become of the pony at Murthwaite Stud in Cumbria? It is quite possible that the Queen personally determined her whereabouts after her death. But according to royal biographer Claudia Joseph, she was also rock solid in the knowledge that her family would not cast her out. “It is likely that the Queen’s daughter Princess Anne, 72, or her daughter Zara Tindall, 41, both Olympic riders and well-known horse lovers, will take on the Queen’s horses ,” she told The Mirror.

What will happen to the Queen’s beloved corgis?

Queen Elizabeth II was also known for her great love for corgis. It is believed her remaining four-legged friends, two corgis named Candy and Muick, a corgi dachshund named Sandy and a cocker spaniel named Lissy, will join Prince Andrew, 62, at his nearby home in Windsor.

Stud manager Terry Pendry is happy that he and Emma were able to say goodbye

Queen Elizabeth II. eine riesige Pferdefreundin. Ihr Pony Emma liebte sie in besonderer Weise, weshalb es auch beim Trauerzug teilnahm (Fotomontage).
Queen Elizabeth II a huge horse lover. She loved her pony Emma in a special way, which is why it also took part in the funeral procession (photo montage). © Steve Parsons/dpa & Instagram

Terry Pendry’s place should also be secured. He, who also attended services at St George’s Chapel and lives on the estate, says: “It was an honor and a privilege to have Emma with me to say a final goodbye to Her Majesty”. Sadly, he added: “I don’t think we’ll ever see anyone like the Queen again and there are no words to express how much I will miss her. I’m just so glad Emma and I were able to say goodbye in Windsor.”

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He was also given the choice to put the finishing touches on the horse at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession, which was attended by millions. As for Her Majesty’s headscarf, he stated that it was her favorite scarf, with horses and carriages printed on it. “Less is more if you ask me. I could have attached her riding crop and gloves as well, but I thought the headscarf would be the perfect complement.” Asked about the last ride with Her Majesty, he said: “I’ve been riding with the Queen for years. The last time she sat on Emma was on July 18 – two days before she left for ‘Balmoral in Scotland’, from where she would never return. Sources used:,, Instagram

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