NewsShortly before Christmas Eve: Acting star loses her parents...

Shortly before Christmas Eve: Acting star loses her parents in one fell swoop – under mysterious circumstances

Shortly before Christmas, actress Alicia Witt is struggling with a tragic loss. She loses both of her parents – under mysterious circumstances.

Worcester / Massachusetts – Alicia Witt is known as an actress from the romantic comedy “A boss to fall in love with”. There she played the lawyer June Carver alongside Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. Now the life of the 46-year-old is shaken by a terrible stroke of fate: Shortly before Christmas, her mother and father died. They were found dead in their home. The circumstances of the death are still unclear.

Acting star Alicia Witt loses both parents shortly before Christmas – under mysterious circumstances

The bodies of Diane and Robert Witt were discovered at their home in Worcester, Massachusetts on Monday, according to information from the New York Post. The actress had not heard from her parents for “several days” and therefore asked a relative to look after them. A day after the horrific find, she said in a notice, “I turned to a cousin who lives near my parents to check on them. Unfortunately, the result was unimaginable. ”She is currently asking the public to respect their privacy. In order to be able to grieve and to sort through “the turn of events and the surreal loss”, so their explanation.

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Hollywood star Alicia Witt mourns her parents – they were found dead

The police are currently investigating how her parents died. At first there were rumors that the couple had problems with their stove. According to information from the New York Post , the fire department could not find any harmful gases after a test. A neighbor of the two former high school teachers is said to have reported that the couple had been sick for some time. An autopsy will now clarify what they died of. ( jbr )

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