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"Silica Gel": What can the small white bags that come with many orders do?

The small white bags labeled “Silica Gel” are thrown away by many after unpacking the delivery. The bags can be used in many ways: the everyday question.

Munich – Everyone knows them, but only a few know what they are good for: the small white bags with the inscription “Silica Gel”. With many orders, the small packages are included in the box. Be it shoes, electrical appliances, food or even medicines. But why is it like that? And what can the bags with the silica gel, also known as silica gel, actually do?

Silica Gel: What can the little white sachets do?

The sachets contain the desiccant silicon dioxide (SiO2). The small, usually white or transparent beads are highly moisture-binding. That is why they are often used for the delivery of particularly sensitive goods. Most bags are able to absorb up to 40 percent of their own weight in moisture.

On the white bags you will often find the inscription “Do not eat” – i.e. the instruction not to eat the balls. This created the myth for many people that silica gel is toxic. That is not correct. Although you really shouldn’t eat the contents of the bag, the silica gel does not pose a health risk. Only a blue variant, which is hardly used in Europe, is questionable. The silica gel is mixed with the carcinogenic substance cobalt chloride in high doses.

Silica Gel: Versatile in everyday use

Another addition to the bags is “Throw away” – i.e. the instruction to throw away the bags. Most people will probably follow this, but the silica gel is versatile. Here are a few practical options:

  • Wet smartphone: If the cell phone gets wet again, silica gel may be able to save the device. The sachets usually remove more moisture than rice or other household remedies. The best thing to do is to put the smartphone in a box with some pouches and hope for the best.
  • Wet shoes: Especially in winter or when it rains, shoes quickly get very wet. Putting silica gel in your shoes will help them dry.
  • Rusting tools: Metal tools in particular are prone to rust. Silica gel can help here too. Simply put a few bags in the tool box or drawer.
  • Sports and shopping bags: After sport, the bags often smell bad. The small bags prevent the moisture and thus the odor from spreading further. The same applies to shopping bags.
  • Documents and photos: Photos in particular should be protected from moisture and light. Many people keep them in boxes or drawers. If you add a bag of silica gel, pictures and documents stay dry longer.

Silica Gel: Bags can be used multiple times

If you want to use the silica gel again, it is best to store it in a sealed jar and protect it from light and air. If the bags have become soaked with moisture, you can dry them in the oven. However, you should make sure that the temperature is not set too high. Microwave drying is not recommended.

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