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Silvestre Dangond must compensate a person who was injured in one of his concerts

After the decision of the Administrative Court of Cesar, in the second instance, the vallenato singer must pay compensation of more than $ 500 million to José Luis Jurado Baleta, a young man who was part of the logistics team that accompanied Dangond in the launch of the album ” Don’t compare me to anyone ”.

Within the framework of the concert that took place on September 2, 2011 in Valledupar, and in which Silvestre Dangond presented his album Don’t Compare Me With Anyone, José Luis Jurado Baleta was injured in the middle of what, apparently, they were riots caused by a confrontation between followers and members of the public force who were in the Vallenata Legend Park. After receiving a stone to the head, Jurado Baleta, who was part of the logistics team of the event, remained for a few weeks in the Intensive Care Unit in a coma.

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According to the plaintiff, the incident caused him “the progressive loss of his mental and motor faculties, for which he has to be constantly taken to the emergency department and neurology and neurosurgery consultations due to the severe headaches and the serious consequences that left the injury ”. It adds that if “the administration of the municipality of Valledupar, as well as the National Police, had appropriately used all the means that were provided to effectively attend to the provision of the service, taking into account that the rules of experience have left in evidence that this type of disturbance occurs in the mentioned singer’s releases, the damage inflicted could have been avoided ”.

The financial compensation, which is greater than $ 500 million, also covers the relatives of Jurado Baleta, including his mother, his two brothers and his maternal grandmother. In addition, the Court’s ruling includes the obligation to pay the Vallenato Festival Foundation, the Valledupar Mayor’s Office, the National Police and the Ministry of National Defense, entities that, together with Dangond, will have to comply with the sentence in a within ten months.