NewsSister killed in Hamburg - six years imprisonment

Sister killed in Hamburg – six years imprisonment

Created: 10/19/2022, 6:19 p.m

Urteilsverkündung im Prozess wegen Totschlages
The accused (with a folder in front of his face) sits in the courtroom next to his lawyer Robert A. Funk (r) shortly before the verdict is announced. © Georg Wendt/dpa

A 54-year-old man killed his sister with numerous knife wounds in the tranquil town of Bergedorf. The District Court has now rendered its verdict.

Hamburg – He killed his sister with dozens of knife wounds: A 54-year-old manslaughter has now been sentenced to five years and nine months in Hamburg. “What happened here is something terrible,” said presiding judge Birgit Woitas on Wednesday. According to the district court, the accused stabbed the 55-year-old on the morning of February 17.

The victim bled to death at the scene of the crime in the former parental home in Hamburg-Bergedorf. After being stabbed, the brother fled and threw himself in front of a moving car. He was injured and taken to a hospital. The father found his daughter’s body in the living room. The act will accompany the bereaved for the rest of their lives, said Woitas. Co-plaintiffs are the 26-year-old daughter and 20-year-old son of the dead.

The accused had hardly worked and lived mainly on donations from his mother. At the age of 35, he moved back with her to the previous family home. After her death, the 54-year-old, his sister and father inherited the property. The accused continued to live very withdrawn and with interruptions in the house to which he was very attached.

He kept a lot of personal belongings there. However, the house was in poor condition. The sister wanted to offer it for sale. “So the disaster took its course,” said Judge Woitas. Shortly before the fact, they had sold the property in the south-east of Hamburg.

The last argument ends in bloody violence

The 55-year-old cleared out the house and also disposed of her brother’s items. He was overwhelmed with it – he felt this as a “breaking into” his privacy. According to the court, a final dispute resulted in the bloody act of violence.

He stabbed his sister violently and in rapid succession with a kitchen knife with a five-inch blade. He hit the upper body 26 times and injured the lungs, rib bones and heart. The victim also had numerous stab wounds on her arms and hands. “We are sure that he intended to kill the victim,” says Woitas. He also stabbed her when she was already lying motionless on the ground.

54-year-old is less responsible

The public prosecutor’s office had demanded a prison sentence of seven years and six months, the defendant’s defense attorney had pleaded for a maximum of four years. The judge said it was simple manslaughter because there were no signs of murder. According to the court, the 54-year-old is less responsible. He acted in affect. In addition, a psychiatric expert found a pathological personality disorder.

The non-convicted German had already admitted the crime in court and showed remorse. According to the information, the court does not assume that he will kill again. The act triggered severe depression in the man. Today he only has contact with his partner. His father, niece and nephew had broken off contact. dpa

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