NewsSkandal in Donald Trumps Golf-Resort Mar-a-Lago

Skandal in Donald Trumps Golf-Resort Mar-a-Lago

Three members of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort are said to have sold veteran medical records.

Washington DC – Donald Trump loves his Mar-a-Lago golf resort. And his friends also enjoy themselves there. But for one or the other, their privileges seem to go to their heads. As reported by the investigative journalistic organization “ProPublica”, three members of the golf resort are said to have tried to monetize the medical records of war veterans. “ProPublica” calls for an investigation by Congress and described the three members as wealthy civilians with no government or military experience.

As early as 2018, “ProPublica” reported that a trio from the Mar-a-Lago Resort was making political decisions for the second largest agency in the US federal government, even though they lacked political and military experience. While previous reports indicated the trio was involved in funding and contracting, their interest in patient data as a source of income was previously unknown.

Mar-a-Lago-Anhänger vom früheren Präsidenten Trump sollen Patientenakten von Kriegsveteranen verkauft haben.


Members of Donald Trump’s golf resort in Mar-a-Lago are believed to have sold veteran medical records.

Mar-a-Lago: Entrepreneur negotiates with Apple and Johnson & Johnson

“In my opinion, patient data is the most valuable asset that the War Veterans Ministry has,” wrote a consultant in June 2017 in an email that was published last Monday (27.09.2021) by Democrats at the “Committee on Oversight and Reform”. They could be made into hundreds of millions of dollars if access is sold to large corporations. The consultant, Terry Fadem, ran a private, not-for-profit business for Bruce Moskowitz, a Florida doctor. Moskowitz is believed to be one of three Trump employees who were involved in the incident. The trio is known under the name “Mar-a-Lago-Gang”.

In response to Fadem’s mail, Moskowitz told War Veterans Department chief David Shulkin that he had discussed the plan with interested companies like Johnson & Johnson, CVS and Apple. According to the documents, Shulkin replied that he thought the idea was a good one. As the emails show, senior officials urged Fadem to be dismissed as an entrepreneur. The War Veterans Ministry provides medical care to more than nine million war veterans. (Ares Abasi)

In April, Trump fled from Mar-a-Lago to Florida.

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