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Skin-tight jumpsuit, XXL leg slit & glitter bra: Helene Fischer's hottest stage looks

Created: 09/15/2022, 7:20 p.m

Helene Fischer is probably the most successful pop singer in Germany. But the fascination of “Helene Fischer” goes far beyond her music, her looks also inspire thousands of fans. From the elegant evening dress to the skin-tight body: Here are Helene Fischer’s most exciting stage outfits.

Helene Fischer am 20.08.2022 auf dem Messegelände in München
1 / 18 Of course we have to start with this highlight! At her mega concert in Munich in August 2022, Helene Fischer not only impressed with her voice, but also with this fishnet dress. © IMAGO / osnapix
Helene Fischer Konzert in München am 20.08.2022. Sie spielt vor 130.000 Schlagerfans
2 / 18 Underneath, Helene Fischer wore a skin-tight, rhinestone-studded body. She combines rough boots with it. © IMAGO/Chris Emil Janssen
Helene Fischer am 20. August 2022 am Messegelände in München. Die Schlagersängerin sitzt auf der Bühne und singt vor 130.000 Fans
3 / 18 It goes on super casual: This outfit from her Munich concert also drew everyone’s attention. © IMAGO/Daniel Scharinger
Schlagersängerin Helene Fischer bei ihrem einzigen Deutschland-Konzert bzw. Mega-Konzert auf dem Messegelände in München
4 / 18 Helene Fischer wears a black, high-cut body with golden buckles, and sweatpants of the same color with hanging straps. © IMAGO/Fred Gasch
Schlagersängerin Helene Fischer im Flammen-Kleid bei ihrem einzigen Deutschland-Konzert
5 / 18 The next colorful outfit is also a real eye-catcher. The skin-tight flame dress comes from London designer David Koma and costs 1,257 euros. © IMAGO / Panama Pictures
Schlagersängerin Helene Fischer im orangen Jumpsuit bei ihrem einzigen Deutschland-Konzert
6 / 18 With the skin-tight orange jumpsuit by Dolce & Gabbana, things continue colorful. © IMAGO / Panama Pictures
Schlagersängerin Helene Fischer schaukelt bei ihrem einzigen Deutschland-Konzert auf dem Messegelände in München über 130.000 Fans
7 / 18 But the real highlight of this outfit are the golden glitter shoes by Alexander McQueen. © IMAGO / Panama Pictures
Helene Fischer bei „DAS GROSSE SCHLAGERCOMEBACK 2022 - LIVE AUS LEIPZIG!“ am 23.07.2022 aus der Glashalle in Leipzig
8 / 18 This outfit by Helene Fischer is also skin-tight. The shiny black one-piece suit from the French luxury brand Saint Laurent looks great on the pop queen. © IMAGO / osnapix
Helene Fischer umarmt Florian Silbereisen bei „DAS GROSSE SCHLAGERCOMEBACK 2022 - LIVE AUS LEIPZIG!“ am 23.07.2022 aus der Glashalle in Leipzig
9 / 18 If comeback, then right: The eye-catcher of the black outfit is the glitter bra underneath. © IMAGO / osnapix
Sängerin Helene Fischer singt am 05.12.2020 bei der TV-Spendengala „Ein Herz für Kinder“ auf der Bühne.
10 / 18 At the TV fundraising gala “Ein Herz für Kinder” in December 2020, Helene Fischer drew everyone’s attention. The asymmetrical glitter dress has an exciting leg slit and is semi-transparent on the legs. © dpa/Britta Pedersen
Helene Fischer steht am 30.10.2020 während der Fernsehgala „Goldene Henne“ auf der Bühne. Der Publikumspreis wird bereits zum 26. verliehen
11 / 18 Helene Fischer also shows a lot of legs in the television gala “Goldene Henne”. This time she opted for a rich red. Even the shoes and nail polish matched the dress with the high leg slit © dpa/Jan Woitas
Helene Fischer beim „Schlagerbooom - Das internationale Schlagerfest“ am 02.11.2019 in der Westfalenhalle in Dortmund
12 / 18 Leather on leather on leather: This look will also be unforgettable. Helene Fischer at the Schlagerboom 2019 in leather leggings, a cropped leather tube top and a short leather blazer. © IMAGO / osnapix
Helene Fischer performt auf der Bühne bei „Heimlich! Die große Schlagerüberraschung von Florian Silbereisen“ am 17. März 2018 in den Bavaria Studios in München
13 / 18 It’s always shorter: At least that’s what Helene Fischer proves in “The Big Hit Surprise by Florian Silbereisen” in March 2018. The hit queen wears a black body with rhinestones and matching over-the-knee boots. © IMAGO / VISTAPRESS
Helene Fischer bei der ARD-Liveshow „Schlagerchampions - Das große Fest der Besten“ aus dem Velodrom in Berlin am 13.01.2018
14 / 18 With this short red fringed dress, Helene Fischer delighted the audience in 2018 at “Schlagerchampions – The Big Festival of the Best”. © IMAGO / Christian Schroedter
Helene Fischer Verleihung des BAMBI 2017 im Theater am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.
15 / 18 This look is also breathtaking: Helene Fischer at the Bambi Awards 2017. The pop singer wears a white dream robe with leg slits up to the hips. In addition, she combines golden high heels – matching her Bambi. © IMAGO / Eventpress
Helene Fischer auf dem roten Teppich bei der Verleihung des ECHO 2018 in Berlin.
16 / 18 New award ceremony, new look: Helene Fischer wears a short golden fringed dress with long sleeves and a deep neckline for the ECHO Awards 2018. © IMAGO / Eventpress
Helene Fischer performt bei „SCHLAGERBOOM - Das internationale Schlagerfest“ am 21. Oktober 2016 in der Westfalenhalle in Dortmund
17 / 18 Helene Fischer seems to have a penchant for fringed dresses. This outfit bears a certain resemblance to the dress that the Schlagerqueen wore at her Munich concert in August 2022. Only the neckline is clearly deeper. © IMAGO / VISTAPRESS
Helene Fischer auf der Bühne bei „Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel“ am 20. Mai 2017 in Velodrom in Berlin
18 / 18 Last but not least: Helene Fischer 2017 on “Welcome to Carmen Nebel”. The pop singer inspires with a super short white jumpsuit and brown overknee boots. © IMAGO / VISTAPRESS

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