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Sky Du Mont just in love: his new girlfriend is 29 years younger

Created: 09/01/2022 at 4:34 p.m

Sky Du Mont has a new girlfriend. The lady is a radio presenter from Austria and 29 years younger than the actor. “We’re only looking old on the outside,” explained Du Mont.

Hamburg – Sky Du Mont (75) was married to his wife Mirja Du Mont for 16 years, the two separated in 2016. The well-known actor also publicly told how difficult the separation had been for him. Mirja reported about an illness that made her life hell. At the beginning of 2022, Du Mont showed up with his new girlfriend Alexandra, but that didn’t last either – he is now with a woman who is 29 years his junior.

Sky Du Mont and Julia Sagittarius have been a couple for five months

“I’m in a new relationship now,” Sky Du Mont confirmed to the Bild newspaper in July. Now it is clear who it is: Julia Schütze is the name of the lady, is 46 years old and a radio presenter in Austria. The 29-year-old woman and the actor have been a couple for five months, as reported by There should also have been a love holiday together. Du Mont confirmed to the newspaper: “Yes, we are a couple. We’re fine and we have plans.”

Julia Schütze posiert im Radiostudio für ein Instagram-Selfie. Sky du Mont / ARD Fernsehaufzeichnung der Unterhaltungsshow Verstehen Sie Spass (Fotomontage)
Sky Du Mont has a new girlfriend, a radio presenter from Austria, 29 years his junior. “We’re only getting old on the outside,” explained Du Mont. (Photomontage) © Instagram/Julia Schütze & IMAGO/POP-EYE

The two are currently still in a long-distance relationship, commuting between Du Mont’s place of residence in Hamburg and Schütz’s home in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, it is said. The two got to know each other back in 2017, Du Mont was a guest on the radio at Schütze. They met again earlier this year to record an episode of the podcast #Talk2Me – during the video call for it, the journalist and the actor are said to have sparked.

age difference in Germany

According to figures from the Federal Statistical Office from 2021, most couples in Germany are of a similar age. Only 6% of all couples in 2019 were separated by an age difference of more than ten years. Almost half (47%) had only a small age difference between one and three years. Every tenth couple was exactly the same age, which corresponds to 10%.

Sky Du Mont: “We’re only old on the outside”

Presumably due to the age difference, Sky Du Mont also shared a story post on Instagram. There he wrote: “We are only old on the outside. I think more in moments than weeks, months or years. It’s the moments worth living, not what I’ve achieved or possessed.” Sky Du Mont also captioned the radio host’s latest selfie with two red hearts, which says it all.

Sky Du Mont äußert sich in einem Storypost auf Instagram: „Alt sind wir nur äußerlich“.
Sky Du Mont comments in a story post on Instagram: “We are only old on the outside”. © Screenshot Instagram/sky_du_mont

In June, Sky Du Mont also performed on Bares for Rares. There he suffered a bitter blow, and there was talk of a “total economic loss”. Sources used:,, Federal Statistical Office/Data Report 2021 – 2. Family, lifestyles and children;,

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