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sleepers and gatherers

Created: 09/30/2022, 5:11 p.m

And a driver who would have been better off taking a taxi

The only unsettling thing about the thought of a car-free world is the great emptiness that will open up once there are no more stories to tell about various mishaps on four or more wheels. For example, we couldn’t ask ourselves why the 46-year-old, who got drunk last weekend and then had three accidents on the way home to Ludwigshafen, didn’t just get a taxi?

But like this: First in Ruchheim against the crash barrier, in Mutterstadt he rammed into a junction box and, according to the police, “completely” destroyed it, before finally damaging another car while parking in front of the house. Someone must have noticed and called the police , who went out and found the 46-year-old “in his apartment asleep and heavily intoxicated”.

In the coming evenings, before he falls asleep, he will be able to think about the outcome of the criminal proceedings that have been initiated against him for endangering road traffic.

No trace of alcohol in his blood, but a 44-year-old parked his small truck really wrong on Thursday night on the A3 near Passau. And in the left lane. Since this is generally regarded as the fast lane, the police came and “found a driver who was obviously overtired and who had apparently gone to sleep in his driver’s cab”. According to the police, the man had to “continue his journey as a passenger” – which again is a somewhat bizarre idea.

It is also slightly bizarre that a 41-year-old parked his car on the hard shoulder of the A14 in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania near the municipality of Grabow to collect mushrooms in the nearby forest. The police officers , who were made aware of the orphaned car by the Autobahnmeisterei, could not have guessed that. Because they could not reach the vehicle owner by phone, they called the towing service. Just as he started loading, the mushroom picker returned with several bags of freshly picked mushrooms. Of course, self-collected is always the tastiest, but for 70 euros and one point he could have gotten nice mushrooms in the delicatessen. boris halva

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