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Smartphone-free zone: Pub offers 50 percent discount on food without a mobile phone

A pub in Dorset, UK wants to keep its guests away from their smartphones while eating. That's why there is a 50 percent discount on mobile phone-free meals.

Dorset – A study from the UK shows that seven out of ten Britons use their cell phones while eating. So that people can do without their smartphones more often and instead enjoy time with friends and family, a pub in Great Britain is now offering a 50 percent discount on food if guests lock their mobile phones away beforehand. In addition, the operators want to eliminate a problem that the restaurant business is confronted with. But so far the campaign is in a test phase and is limited in time. reveals what is behind the mobile phone-free campaign and what curious findings the mobile phone study still delivers

Because it seems that the majority of all users who use the cell phone themselves at the dinner table are not satisfied with it. The study's figures speak for themselves. It shows the importance of using the cell phone nowadays. The pub now offers a little help to make it easier to do without the smartphone. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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