News"Smash" has been voted youth word of the year

"Smash" has been voted youth word of the year

Created: 10/25/2022, 7:10 am

Jugendwort des Jahres
Youth word of the year: “Smash” prevailed over “bottomless” and “doers”. © Fabian Sommer/dpa

The youth word of the year 2022 is clear: “Smash” prevailed in a vote by Langenscheidt-Verlag ahead of “bottomless” and “doers”.

Stuttgart – The youth word of the year 2022 has been determined. In a vote by the Langenscheidt publishing house, “Smash” prevailed. It received 43 percent of the votes, the company announced on Tuesday (October 25).

Youth word of the year 2022: “Smash” is known from a popular party game

“Smash” comes from the English and means “smash”, “smash” or “break”. In the German youth language, the term is mainly used as a verb (“smash”). It means something like “to start something with someone”, “to pick someone up” or “to have sex with someone”. The word is used in conjunction with “pass” in a popular party game.

However, other forms of use are also possible. It can also be used as a noun. The object of desire can be a “smash”, but also the date in the sense of a meeting. The youth word was previously determined in several rounds of voting, in which, according to Langenscheidt, hundreds of thousands of young people took part. Last year, more than a million votes were cast. The rate for the relevant age group between ten and 20 years was 77 percent.

Youth word of the year 2022: “Bodenlos” comes in second

With 33 percent of the votes, “bottomless” (lousy, unbelievably bad) took second place in the vote, and “doer” landed in third place (24 percent), i.e. the term for someone who implements things without hesitation, who tackles something.

Langenscheidt has been publishing the youth word of the year since 2008 – at that time the “Gammelfleischparty” (over 30 party) won. In the past year, “cringe” – embarrassing others – prevailed. Discriminatory and offensive terms of any kind will be deleted by the publisher. (mt/dpa)

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