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"Smooth implementation not guaranteed": Jasmin Herren has to cancel the Schlager benefit concert

Jasmin Herren is unlucky: the 43-year-old was supposed to be on stage at a benefit concert in Neuss with numerous other hit and television celebrities in a few days, but the event is now canceled at short notice. On Instagram she explains the details.

Neuss – Under the motto “Our voice for Ukraine”, Jasmin Herren (43) actually wanted to sing for peace with numerous colleagues from the TV, entertainment and hit industry (all hit news at a glance) on Saturday (March 19). , but now, a few days before the mega event is supposed to take place, the show had to be cancelled. An old acquaintance is to blame for this, as reported by

Jasmine Gentlemen Pop singer and TV actress
Born December 24, 1978 in Dusseldorf
(ex) spouse Willi Herren (†2021)
TV appearances including jungle camp, Temptation Island VIP, summer house of the stars

Jasmin Herren appears again as a pop singer – great performance falls through

At the beginning of the year, Jasmin Herren still appeared in the RTL disgusting format “I’m a star – get me out of here” (an overview of the biggest jungle scandals), now it seems as if the hit and mood singer wanted to revive her music career .

In addition to a large memorial show for her husband Willi Herren († 45), who died in 2021, which is planned for his death anniversary (April 20), the 43-year-old would also like to set a sign for peace in view of the current events: In Neuss, therefore, on A big benefit concert was supposed to take place at the weekend – but that has now burst!

Instagram-Story von Jasmin Herren zur Absage einer Benefizshow


Jasmin Herren wanted to sing for peace in Neuss with all sorts of celebrities from the TV and hit world, but because parts of the team were infected with the corona virus, the event has to be canceled now

Corona prevents Jasmin men’s show – pop singer still looks to the future

“Unfortunately, part of our team caught Corona, so that smooth implementation is no longer guaranteed,” Jasmin Herren explained in her Instagram story. A replacement show for the charity event is not planned, but the pop singer promised her fans: “It wasn’t the last event and we look positively at further events with you in the future.”

In addition to the widow of TV favorite Willi Herren (an overview of his eventful life), entertainers Lorenz Büffel (42), “Summer House of the Stars” participant Annemarie Eilfeld (31) or the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” legend also had Neuss Menderes (37) should be on stage for a good cause. As in the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic once again threw a spanner in the works for the event industry.

Jasmin Herren suggests an alternative program – inn party instead of benefit event

“Life is like that,” Jasmin Herren said combatively on Instagram the day after the event was canceled – and even announced a spontaneous alternative program: “I’ve almost forgotten the best. I’ll still be in the Radlstadl with a few people on Saturday and I’d be happy if you’d come by.”

In the brewery, which co-organized the event, there will be at least some celebrations at the weekend, as some of the stars have already booked their hotel rooms. Accordingly, despite everything, there should be singing and laughing there on Saturday – in smaller groups, of course.

Pop star Beatrice Egli cancels concert because of Giovanni Zarrella

In the meantime, people in the music scene have gotten used to concert cancellations. Beatrice Egli (33) has now also canceled a show scheduled for April – but not because of the COVID 19 pandemic, but to be able to appear on the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”.

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