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Snorkeling Photo Is Misleading – What Can You See Here? "Took a few seconds"

A snorkel photo has conquered the web – because it is a nasty optical illusion. What do you see on it?

  • A snorkel photo has been circulating on the internet for a long time. Again now.
  • Many see two people on it.
  • But the brain plays a trick on the viewer.

Update from February 23, 2022: The confusing snorkel photo – it always causes fascination on the Internet. Although it’s been circulating there for years (see first post below). It also landed on Twitter again on February 22, 2022 and is causing some users headaches. A user dug it up on the occasion of the special date and wrote: “This picture is crazy when you see it.” Some other users also see it this way: “It took me a few seconds but I got it”, “So cool” and “Wrong,” they write.

And what exactly is there to see? Read our original article below.

Snorkeling Photo Is Misleading – What Can You See Here?

Our first message: This brain! Sometimes not enough fits in and you forget things you want to remember. Or the other way around. And it often plays tricks on you. Keyword optical illusions. A wall photo went viral some time ago. And a snorkel shot did the same.

A Twitter user named Jon Stone posted the photo – it remains unclear whether he was the first to publish the picture, and it has since been deleted. He collected 177 retweets by mid-January 2020. A posting on the “Shut The Front Door” Facebook page then gave it new momentum – in the first 20 hours there were already 2,700 shares.

Optical illusion: “I thought there were two people in this photo”

Why all this? “I thought there were two people in this photo,” says both posts. It’s like that, isn’t it? On the right a person with a diving mask and snorkel. And on the left, a man with a tousled hairdo plunges arms first into the water. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

It is an optical illusion. There is only ONE person in the photo, probably a woman. She holds out her hand, on it a sea urchin or some other animal or plant. But the shadow and the hand position make it look like a different person. Or did you see through it straight away?

“Bahahaha!! That’s funny!”: Photo misleads viewer

In any case, many viewers are initially on the wrong track (as with this number puzzle). “I had to look in the comments to find it,” it says. “It only took me about a month to figure it out lol” likewise. “Bahahaha!! That’s funny! ”Writes another user. “It took me way too long” another. The supposedly oily legs in another photo also confused the users. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA. (lin)

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