News"So far it's been haunting me": Danni Büchner traumatized...

"So far it's been haunting me": Danni Büchner traumatized to this day because of his ex-boyfriend

Created: 8/4/2022 7:52 p.m

Danni Büchner schaut nachdenklich, im zweiten Bild steht sie in einem Türrahmen mit dem Rücken zum Betrachter
Danni Büchner speaks openly about her feelings online © Instagram/Danni Büchner

In her podcast “Living la Vida locker” Danni Büchner puts on a “soul striptease”, as she says herself. When she talks about her ex-boyfriend, the tears come to the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant. She is still traumatized today.

Danni Büchner (44) and her middle daughter Jada Karabas (17) actually want to talk about self-doubt in the new episode of their podcast. Because both women are well acquainted with it. But to explain why she hurts the criticism of others so much, the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant has to go a little further.

Danni Büchner suffers from self-doubt because of her ex-boyfriend

“Many, many years ago, before Jens, I had someone who destroyed me mentally, who gave me this self-doubt,” explains Danni Büchner, “That’s when it all started.” You can’t do the 44-year-old see, but you can clearly hear that tears are coming to her. An emotional topic for the TV star!

To this day, she still pursues this relationship. She was literally “traumatized”. If Danni Büchner is criticized today – and that happens often – then it reminds her of the time with her ex-boyfriend. Especially in the private sphere, criticism from other people really bothers her.

Danni Büchner regularly questions himself

She often lies awake at night wondering, “Am I really argumentative? Am I really not capable of taking criticism?” She has put up a protective wall to the outside world, but when she is alone she cries a lot. Luckily, she has good friends who she can always call when things aren’t going well for her. They then tell her: “You are enough!”

A few days ago, the Mallorcan by choice had a happy encounter with a man. Danni Büchner met footballer Tim Wiese and took a picture with him. Sources used: Podimo/Living la Vida loose

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