NewsSönke Wortmann loves a nap

Sönke Wortmann loves a nap

The 62-year-old doesn’t feel old, especially not an old white man. Nevertheless, he likes to lie on his ear at lunchtime. He also gives the reasons for this.

Osnabrück – The director Sönke Wortmann (62) loves the afternoon nap. “It’s a power nap for me,” he told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. “I feel better afterwards, and I dream so beautifully, much more clearly than at night. My lunchtime dreams are always very intense. “

However, he always gets up quite early in the morning: “I’m up between six and seven. Then it is worthwhile to lie down again at noon. “

He found the term “old white man” to be incorrect, he said in the interview. “I am old, I am white and I am a man. From a purely objective point of view, that’s true. But of course the term has a rating. And I don’t actually feel addressed by that. I don’t know if I’m the right person to judge it, but I consider myself relatively modern on social issues, ”said the director (“ The Moving Man ”,“ The Miracle of Bern ”).

So far nobody has called him that personally. “There are really no moments when I feel as old as I am.”

Wortmann’s new comedy “Contra” will hit the cinemas on October 28th. It’s about a student (played by Nilam Farooq) who is openly discriminated against in the lecture hall by her professor (Christoph Maria Herbst). As atonement, he is supposed to prepare her for a debating competition. Reluctantly, both get involved in the joint training and get to know surprising sides of each other. dpa

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