NewsSony Hack: Expert creates the PS5 jailbreak

Sony Hack: Expert creates the PS5 jailbreak

Created: 10/16/2022 1:26 p.m

PS5 von Sony: Hacker schafft es, sich in die Tiefen des Systems einzuschleusen.
PS5 from Sony: Hackers manage to infiltrate the depths of the system. (Archive image) © DeeCee Carter/IMAGO-Images

A particularly resourceful tech expert has succeeded in hacking the PS5 console from Sony. He brought several things to light.

Kassel – Whether smartphone, computer or game console: With a so-called “jailbreak”, users can freely select all settings and look into the depths of the system.

According to the digital magazine t3n , the tech genius Lance McDonald managed to use such a “jailbreak” to dive into the normally sealed depths of the Playstation 5 world. McDonald made a total of two “big” finds on his cyber journey and shared them with the public.

PS5 cracked: programmers probably insert a joke from the fans

The first find should be a real hit for action RPG lovers. It’s about nothing less than the legendary “Chieftain’s Ring”. According to the gaming magazine , McDonald found him in the PS5 remake of the cult game “Demon’s Soul”.

The ring was not included in the original version of the role-playing classic. As a result of a joke among gamers, he became something of a legend that many searched for but never existed. According to t3n , McDonald’s revelation shows that this could soon change.

Silent Hill allusion found: Hacker also finds it in “Abandoned”.

McDonald found the second find in the survival horror game “Abandoned” from Blue Box Games. According to magazine, the game made headlines after the manufacturer had given conflicting information about the game.

In the PS5 depths, MacDonald encountered hints that the game is playing on gaming myths. According to t3n , he found a subfolder that had a playing card called “PT2”. “Seems like at some point they planned to have some ‘this is secretly a Silent Hill project’ bullshit trail up their sleeves,” McDonald wrote on Twitter about his find.

How exactly the tech expert was able to bypass the security levels of the PS5 is not yet known. However, the magazine t3n promises that McDonald’s “jailbreak” could conjure up even more mysterious things from the depths of the Sony PS5. (Lucas Maier)

In addition to classic football tournaments, there are now also cups that are completed entirely on the PS5.

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